Tumblr Reaches 20 Billion Posts, Almost Forgets To Tell Everyone

Filed as News on March 29, 2012 2:42 pm

Tumblr 20 Billion PostsLeave it to the team at Tumblr to nearly forget to mention that they’ve reached 20 billion posts. The company used a rather casual tweet to its 237,000 followers to make mention of the mathematical big milestone.

In the tweet the company said:

“Forgot to make a big deal of this earlier.”

For a company that just got its start in 2007 they should be considering the feat a big deal, especially when considering that the company’s massive content is almost solely created by users who are not paid or even asked by the company to create content. 

So who exactly is creating those 20 billion posts? According to the Tumblr About page:

“The average Tumblr user creates 14 original posts each month, and reblogs 3,” and  “Half of those posts are photos. The rest are split between text, links, quotes, music, and video.”

Those numbers do a pretty good job of explaining how nearly 50 million blogs have created a massive 20 billion posts.

Tumblr has always tried to stay out of the “mainstream” view of content which likely explains they they haven’t created some crazy type of media blitz to celebrate the 20 billion Tumblr page results. You won’t find an Infographic, crazy video or anything else celebrating the Tumblr milestone and if they want to stay hip that’s probably a good choice.


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