Anonymous Might Attack Facebook Today, Plans To Protest Zynga Layoffs

Anonymous going after FacebookHacktivist group Anonymous is rumored to be preparing for a Monday attack on social network Facebook. The groups attack will coincide with Guy Fawkes Day and is meant to hurt the network over its support for social gaming platform Zynga.

Zynga recently began laying off more than 1,000 workers in an effort to cut down on mounting losses. While not directly involved in Zynga’s business transactions Facebook does derive a good but decreasing chunk of its revenues from Zynga games.

According to Anonymous the social gaming platform should be using its considerable cash reserves to pay employees during tough times.

In a blog post on the group’s website Anonymous says that “operating maZYNGA” is needed because Zynga’s social gaming actions will bring about “the end of the US game market as we know it.” Anonymous also appears peeved that Zynga will likely move many of its jobs overseas.

Anonymous members claim to have leaked documents from Zynga executives, however those documents have never been verified. Wired points out that the documents are riddled with spelling errors and other inconsistencies that likely means they are fake.


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