Parents Share Their Kids Online More Than Their Cats, Study Finds

Charlie Bit My FingerWe know that everyone loves LOL Cat photos, heck iCanHazCheezburger has made a multi-million dollar business out of the practice. Yet the teams at and PlayScience have found that parents would much rather share videos, photos, and stories about their children.

According to the study parents are three times more likely to share videos of their kids (27 percent) than a pet (9 percent).

60 percent of parents responded to the survey by acknowledging that they shoot at least three videos of their children per month. 44 percent of those parents said they share at least three videos per month. 

The study also found that 53 percent of parents shoot videos of their kids just so they can share them while 88 percent of parents will share the videos either way.

So dogs and cats doing silly and stupid things is popular, but not quite as popular as happy parents who want to show off their kids.

Here’s the infographic:

Kids Shared More Than Cats


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