Don’t Let PDF Files Freeze Your Browser

PDF Link Alert

Dave Mozealous clicked a normal hyperlink on some website but that made his browser to crawl for sometime because the link was actually pointing to a PDF file:

Isn’t it annoying when you accidentally click on a link to a PDF document? Then your system stalls for about 20 seconds as it tries to open Acrobat Reader?

Like Dave, do you also hate PDF taking control of your browser ? If yes, here’s are a few workarounds. [Read more…]

Add Life to Your Blog Posts with Photographs


Writing a good blog post is sometimes only half the battle won. Blog readers have short attention spans and they’ll just glance at your post for couple of seconds before moving onto the next unread item in their RSS reader.

If you add a little bit of formatting to your blog posts (like highlighting important text, using bullets, etc) and also put some relevant images to each of your posts, readers will probably become more interested in reading your articles than ever before. (Remember, none of this is substitute for good content) [Read more…]

Fix Mom’s Computer Without Leaving Your Desk


Are you a local geek? Do friends and relatives often call you for help when they cant figure out how to upload their pictures on the web or how to create that simple 4×4 table inside a Microsoft Word document?

If your friend is staying next door, you can always walk down to his place to assist him but what are the options when he is staying in another city or even another country?

Today we look at some very exciting tools that are absolutely free and they enable you to help others without leaving your desk. [Read more…]

Microsoft PhotoStory – The Best Windows Software You’re Not Using


How do you share digital photographs with your friends and family members ? Upload them to Flickr (or any other photo sharing website) or burn them on a CD / DVD for sharing with contacts who don’t have internet access or a computer.

That may not always be the best approach as people (your audience) often lose interest in photo slideshows when they get long or boring.
[Read more…]