Did You Know WordPress Has It’s Own URL-Shortener Built In?

Recently an email subscriber complained that I had sent out a newsletter containing links shortened via a URL shortner service.

There are a couple of reasons I did this. First if a URL is too long email programs break the links by wrapping. This means I get a lot of people saying the links don’t work. The second reason is in the past Aweber’s built-in click tracking shortened URLs have broken also when the URL contained non-standard stuff.

Of course the problem when people see a URL-shortened link is they don’t know if they can trust it. I have three solutions, and they are all easy to implement on WordPress. [Read more…]

Two Ways to Break Out of the Digg Toolbar

It has been panned by site owners, but Digg are sticking to their DiggBar. This means we have to add workarounds to break out of their URL-stealing frameset.

Thankfully, this problem was fixed back in the 1990’s, the last time spammy sites tried to do this. Lots of code is out there but here are the two best approaches … [Read more…]

Of All the Lame Excuses for Stealing Content

You know what is worse than someone stealing the hard work of someone else and profiting from it? No, I didn’t either, until today.

The answer? Claiming that THEY are the victim.

Yes, you read that right. Not only did this guy steal 50 of Darren Rowse’s posts (50!), but they are trying to make out that they are the victim of the situation. [Read more…]