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How to Be Social and Create Better Content

How to Be Social and Create Better Content

Over at Copyblogger Brian had an interesting comment thread about, well, blog commenting. In it I offered the sage advice that a comment can become excellent content for your own blog.

To prove my point, I wanted to expand on the idea here!

Rather than rewrite what I wrote, let me simply quote it here for you:

Writing a comment gets you writing – getting your wheels turning, and sometimes a long comment can be copied and pasted over to your own blog to become a great post.So just commenting is good, commenting early is good, and sometimes there are additional benefits.

I think all bloggers should comment. It’s just a good thing to do.

I do stand by that because when I am stuck for a blog article idea it is one of the strategies I use to get my mental gears greased or even write a whole article.

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First I go to blogs in the niche or the top forums in the subject area (for bloggers I recommend the Authority Blogger Forum of course!), then I find content that gets me thinking, particularly questions where I can provide a good answer, or statements I disagree with, and then I write a comment.

Over on my blog I take the comment and flesh it out, provide background and context, and perhaps an anecdote or two.

The original question gets an answer, or the blogger gets a good comment, and I get relevant content for my blog that addresses a real issue – everyone wins.

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  • This is a really interesting way to get ideas for your own blog. I agree with what you say, once you start writing it gets you thinking and your creative juices flowing.

  • Excellent point. I have yet to really jump into the world of blogging but reading them often triggers an internal conversation or something to reflect about during the day.
    Committing to at least commenting provides practice and perhaps a blog thread as you have stated. Some of the most interesting posts I have read often have links to what others have said so it makes it all that more richer.The flip is that at times it has caused me to get lost off the page somewhere to.
    Thanks for this insight.

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