You Are Who You Hang With

With social media tools we have the ability to instantly become a citizen of the world. We probably have more interactions in a single day than many people from our grandparents times met in their whole life. This has both advantages and negatives, and navigating these will have a profound impact on your happiness and your success. [Read more…]

FollowFriday and Twitter Memes

Twitter Memes are trends, activities or sayings associated with Twitter. It might be something you do individually (such as the “5 things you don’t know about me”), things that have grown up around Twitter that make it more useful (Retweets and Hashtags are two examples), or might be something people do as a group for fun.

One of the most popular Twitter Memes is Follow Friday. It is a group thing where everyone suggests other Twitter users to follow, each Friday. One problem is inevitably you are going to NOT suggest someone, who will then feel bad – is there a way to make it fair and not have people feeling overlooked? [Read more…]

Surviving Online Shame

As we know the internet has a long memory. We also know that bad news travels fast, and embarrassing news travels even faster. There is a really dangerous aspect to the internet when both these factors combine to form a perfect storm of shame.

We are only human so inevitably will goof at some point. How can we avoid the worst? [Read more…]

10 Tips For Benefiting From Unexpected Traffic

Sometimes we will write something and it will unexpectedly deliver you lots of traffic without you needing to do anything.This happens surprisingly often after your blog gets established with readers and search engines.

While this is nice in itself, many people just bask in the reflected glory and do nothing. But there are ways to properly benefit from this attention … [Read more…]

The Acceleration of Word of Mouth

In the past, “word of mouth” meant literally that. Now friends telling friends is as likely, or perhaps a little more likely, to involve the tap of keys and click of mouse. Because of this word spreads faster and wider than ever before, and this means you need to be more aware than ever before of the phenomenon and how it affects you. [Read more…]