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IMG_1211.JPGDo you measure your blog progress and celebrate your milestones? One of the things I like to do with my coaching and authority blogger course customers is to remind them of their goals and their progress against them. This can be very rewarding and motivational, but also sometimes we forget how we started out and the memories along the way.

You can look back over your blog posts and get an idea of where you were, what you were doing of course, but sometimes it is good to keep a diary, take screenshots, or even post milestones to friends.

What you are aiming for is a record and to track improvements and major events so you can look and learn.

BenjiOf course if you are going to track progress you need to work out what your goals are first, then measure against those goals

  • Traffic
  • Profit
  • Subscribers
  • Career
  • Friends

Or perhaps you just want to have fun and relive some of the memories. Whichever your choice, it’s fun to look back.

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What were you doing this time last year? The year before? Can you see this reflected in your blog?

This came to mind as I sorted through my flickr stream looking at photographs. Our combined social media output becomes a record of our life, but we can also do this intentionally in order to improve our professional efforts.

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