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October 5, 2010

So Who Really Killed Off 12seconds? (aka Twitter For Video)

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After jumping into the micro vlogging (aka video blogging) wars 3 years ago, it looks like 12seconds is taking its final bow by announcing its shut down near the end of October (the 22nd to be exact).

Nearly 3 years ago, David Beach and I decided to grab a beer at a local pub and talk about startup ideas.  I told him a dumb idea and he told me about one called 10seconds.  I said, “we should do that one.”  He said, “okay.”  And that was it.  That is until we figured out that was already taken.  12seconds sounded pretty good to us too.

We set out on a journey that would take on a wild ride of ups and downs.  We experienced birth, death and (Beach) even battled cancer.

Today we are announcing the end of 12seconds. (

Although far from a failure (aside from the pending shut down that is), 12seconds was facing an up hill battle against Flickr (who offers users 90 seconds of short video bliss) as well as Twitter (who may enter the micro video wars in the future.

Throw in the ever popular Tumblr (who also offers users video uploading) and 12seconds chances for a future victory were not looking too good.

Despite attracting celebrities like Shaq and being embraced early on by Tweetdeck, 12seconds was never able to gain a large following in an age where Twitter and Facebook dominate all things social (at least according to the media).


August 22, 2008 Release API, I’m Still Not Convinced is something of a Twitter for video. The site lets you share videos of up to 12 seconds length, which by itself is something of a challenge. Personally, I’m not convinced, I just don’t see why I should use the service.

That hasn’t stopped it from releasing an API, which might be what the service needs. VentureBeat writes about it, and notes that there’s already support for in TweetDeck, one of those Adobe AIR applications that lets you update numerous social web sites, like Twitter. The API, by the way, is available here.

Does have a future? What do you think?

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