Dave Winer has yet to hang his pajamas

Dave Winer wrote a rebuttal to Daniel Lyons’ piece on the latter’s hanging of the blogging pajamas. “There’s no money in blogs.” says Lyons. Winer on the other hand says there is — he just made 2 million:

So when I told you I made over $2 million with this blog, why did you immediately look for ads? I can save you the trouble — there aren’t any. And in the 12 years this blog has been here there has never been an ad on this blog. With a caveat, unless you count me talking about my products. Because I do talk about my products here. I try to stay as balanced as I can, but of course I tilt toward the positive. I have a bias — I wouldn’t have made the products if I didn’t think they were good. But like all people with real products I know they’re not perfect, sometimes they’re imperfect, and I try to be honest about that. [quote]

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Federated Media Slashes Rates for the Holiday Season

It seems Federated Media really want to sell their ad stock this holiday season, because they’re slashing their rates to $5 CPM. This according to an email published in whole by Valleywag. Naturally, they take the snarky approach, and although it is a bit uncommon to slash the rates in the busiest period of the year, I wouldn’t say it is such a big deal really. Everyone’s feeling the recession, and it might be a good idea to make sure that you minimize the damage.

That being said, it is also a sure sign that online publishers aren’t immune to the current financial situation. Some try to make it sound like the internet will be hit last, while it really is a case of perhaps not taking the big hit, but at least joining the rest of the ad media in a downward slope at the moment.

Lijit CEO Todd Vernon on Securing $7.1M, and the Search Ad Network


Lijit is a search company that lets you mash all your online presences into one, and search them. We’ve just recently implemented them here on The Blog Herald, and b5media is among their clients. The news that they had secured $7.1 million in Series C funding reached the blogosphere yesterday, as did further hints of their upcoming ad network. Basically, it seems like they’ll be sharing the search revenue garnered by their search widget with publishers, being mostly bloggers I guess.

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