TweetDeck Releases Web App For Various Browsers

Tweetdeck banner

Tweetdeck banner

In December TweetDeck released their Web Application to the Chrome Web Store, providing an alternative to the company’s AIR application for desktop users. Today following the success of that web app the company has announced a beta release for all major browsers including Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera.

According to a blog post from TweetDeck, the new Web App, which requires no downloads, is already working on Chrome, Firefox 3.6, Firefox 4 and Safari with compatible versions arriving soon for IE9 and Opera.

The program, which includes HTML5 support offers the type of functions TweetDeck users have come to expect, including drag-and-drop columns, a Foursquare column for viewing friends check-ins, a replies section and an integrated inbox.

The web app does not yet support streaming which means users looking for the quickest uses possible will still want to look into the AIR desktop app, however the company has continued to work on more features for the ‘no download necessary’ system. [Read more…]

TweetDeck Raises $2 Million in Funding

TechCrunch reports that Twitter client TweetDeck has raised $2 million in funding. The news comes from a a panel where angel investor John Borthwick let it slip. Apparently the Twitter app and its branded versions are appealing to investors. I can see why, especially now that there is an iPhone app covering the mobility factor as well.

Mashable Launches Branded TweetDeck

Mashable has announced the launch of MashDeck, a strangely familiar looking Twitter app using Adobe Air. You recognize it because it is basically TweetDeck, the popular Twitter app, rebranded for Mashable, which basically means some minor design tweaks (for the worse if you ask me), and a default Mashable search column. TweetDeck previously did a Blink-182 branded version, so maybe ReadWriteWeb is onto something here: Is this the business model?

Loic Le Meur: “Twhirl has 150,000 active users”

Twhirl is an excellent Adobe Air application for posting updates to services like Twitter. Seesmic owns it, and Loic Le Meur is happy to announce that it passed 1 million downloads.

1 million downloads of Twhirl since its creator, Marco Kaiser joined Seesmic on April 20th last year. I always thought Twhirl would be very successful and it is more and more important for us, the latest version 0.9 had more 150,000 downloads in about 3 weeks. That tells me we have about 150,000 active users of Twhirl, and growing.

Congratulations are in order, Twhirl is a great application and I use it myself for Twitter updating since it supports several accounts open at the same time.

Adobe AIR Now Available For Linux

Great news for Linux users, Adobe AIR has gotten its first sharp release, as opposed to the previous beta. With AIR, you can run popular apps like Twhirl and TweetDeck, as well as a bunch of other stuff that lets you get internet stuff on your desktop. Yes, it’s that wide… Seriously, this is a good thing for especially microbloggers running Linux systems. Hopefully it works better than Flash under Linux, that one still sucks.

Hat tip: VentureBeat. Release API, I’m Still Not Convinced

12seconds.gif is something of a Twitter for video. The site lets you share videos of up to 12 seconds length, which by itself is something of a challenge. Personally, I’m not convinced, I just don’t see why I should use the service.

That hasn’t stopped it from releasing an API, which might be what the service needs. VentureBeat writes about it, and notes that there’s already support for in TweetDeck, one of those Adobe AIR applications that lets you update numerous social web sites, like Twitter. The API, by the way, is available here.

Does have a future? What do you think?

Flash to be Searchable, Blog Platform Next?

Adobe is making Flash searchable, in partnership with juggernauts like Google. ReadWrite/Web writes about it, and is writing up Adobe’s online activity overall, like AIR and I think they are spot on, Adobe is really focusing on online these days, and they are doing it well. Think about all the AIR apps, for instance.

However, with Flash being searchable, one thing that strikes me is the possibility of a blogging platform, much like WordPress and Movable Type, but in Flash. [Read more…]