The Fancy Announces Affiliate Links Program, Truly Becomes “Pinterest for Ecommerce”

The Fancy URL Affiliate Marketing Link

The Fancy URL Affiliate Marketing Link

Many users and casual observers of the social network The Fancy have referred to the site as “Pinterest for Ecommerce” and on Monday the network embraced that name when they rolled out an affiliate network for users.The new system will allow users to share products they find on the website while earning cash for each person who clicks on their links and purchases the product.

At 2% for each sale we don’t expect to see big box affiliate marketers jumping on The Fancy bandwagon but with a net 30 payment (users are paid 30 days after items ship in order to avoid returns) we expect casual users will embrace the system while earning cash.

The system is simple to use, just click on an item to share and you’ll receive a URL with a unique referral code, if someone makes the purchase with your link you earn the cash.

To put the system’s 2% affiliate pricing into perspective, Amazon’s flash sales site pays 8% while affiliate users earn 15%.

The big push in this particular situation is likely new user registrations which recently passed the 1 million mark. [Read more…] Branches Out, Launches Deal Account On Twitter is launching a blog deals account on Twitter, to pass out coupon codes, discounts, special offers and more. Darren Rowse explains his decision to launch @ProBloggerDeals on Twitter like this:

I’d love to promote everything on ProBlogger but the reality is that is a blog that focuses more upon tips on how to blog rather than a blog about products or tools for bloggers.

It’s an account for promotional tweets only, and some of the links on it will be affiliate ones. Rowse is open about that, naturally, and you should be aware of it too. That being said, when he claims he’ll stick to promotions for good stuff, I tend to believe him. After all, Rowse has a great reputation.

Read more about the account, and follow it on Twitter if you’re into that sort of thing. Personally, I keep thinking how much more open and fair this sounds than Perez Hilton including promotional tweets in his ad campaigns. But maybe I’m biased.

DailyBlogTips interviews Timothy Sykes, $50k/month blogger

Earlier this month, Daily Blog Tips interviewed Timothy Sykes, who is making more than $50,000 monthly with his blog:

You claim to have earned $45,000 from your blog last month, and that your traffic is 3 times smaller than John Chow’s one. How is that possible?

My business model is different, he’s all ad and affiliate-based, while my focus is on creating educational products through my own publishing company, BullShip Prress, LLC, namely my PennyStocking Instructional DVD that makes penny stock trading understandable and TIMalerts, a real-time trading alerts subscription service, both of which I promote endlessly through my blog.

Mind you, I tried Chow’s business model—admittedly only half-heartedly because I have problems promoting all the frauds in finance–but it didn’t work for me…so I adapted.

It’s an interesting interview to read primarily because of the discussion around the question above. Timothy’s income is less about advertising and affiliate income and more about using his blog as a method to promote his product lines – and then pocketing the much higher profits when those products are sold.