WordPress WordCamp 2007 Schedule

is July 21-22 in San Fransisco, California, and registration is required with tickets $25 USD through PayPal. Space is limited and will fill fast!

The WordCamp Schedule includes:

This is an amazing schedule of whose who in WordPress and blogging. Are you going to be there?

Building Blog Relationships: Reaching Out

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Many moons ago, I was traveling with an international youth group in Spain when a friend from Venezuela asked me to explain the reference “reach out”.

“Every day I hear people say, ‘we need to reach out to the people’ and I do not understand this word. What is this ‘reach out’?”

I started to explain to him in Spanish that “reach out” meant the spiritual groping – no, that’s not right – it’s kinda like your energy goes out of you – no, that’s not it, either. It’s like your need to make people feel good resembles an arm coming out of your heart and…well, that didn’t work either. My ability to communicate this abstract but common metaphor was useless.

We went to a fluent Spanish speaker and asked her to translate “reaching out”. Without even looking up, she said, “Darse.”

Perfect. Stunned, I realized that I’d used the phrase “reach out” all the time without really understanding what it meant. I had to get the word translated from English to Spanish and back again to really get the translation and the true meaning: to give of one’s self.

Preparing for the SOBCon07, the Successful and Outstanding Blogger Conference in Chicago, May 11-12, 2007, I was hunting for a better definition of blogging and relationship building when this memory bubbled to the surface. What better definition of blogging than “to give of one’s self”?

When we blog, we are giving part of ourselves to others. We are sharing our thoughts, insights, concerns, issues, feelings, and our stories with others. For some, blogging means sharing ourselves with the hope of making the world a better place. For others, blogging means sharing their interests in the hope of attracting other like-minded folks.

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Free Virtual Conference, March 12 — Plus $100 Off SOBCon 07

Our own Liz Strauss is hosting a Virtual Conference over at her own blog Successful-Blog.com on Monday, March 12, to celebrate the upcoming SOBCon 07, a conference in Chicago for bloggers (May 11-12).

Monday’s conference runs from 9am – 8pm CST (GMT -6) and will involve a rotating cavalcade of bloggers discussing a new topic every hour, from blogging blunders, to graphics, to branding, to the role of blogging in business.

Furthermore, tickets have been marked down by $100 until 9pm CST Monday night, so if cost has been a concern, now has never been a better time to sign up.

The BlogHerald is one of the sponsors of this event, and we couldn’t be prouder being a part of an event which is specially designed for bloggers. I’ll personally be in attendance, so I hope to see some of you there in person! ;)