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December 19, 2008

Kontera’s Cash-in Signup Drive: The Not So Hidden Agenda

Kontera, that company that delivers all those ad links within posts, have a drive to get you to sign up. Basically, they’re saying “Reach $75 in earnings, and we’ll send you a check for $100!” which is good news. If you’re thinking of using Kontera for your inlinks, this is a great time to join.

So why are they giving you $25? Naturally, this is a PR stunt, and they’ve most likely made a lot of calculations as to what this will cost them, including the fact that a great many subscribers won’t reach $75 at all. That’s the obvious part. read more

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November 11, 2008

Kontera Comes to ScribeFire and PubMatic

Kontera just told us about upcoming support for their ContentLink service in blog publishing tool ScribeFire, as well as meta ad server PubMatic. This means that you’ll be able to populate your blog post with those hover ad-links on a per post basis. Read on for quotes and PR talk. read more

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