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Kontera’s Cash-in Signup Drive: The Not So Hidden Agenda

Kontera’s Cash-in Signup Drive: The Not So Hidden Agenda

Kontera, that company that delivers all those ad links within posts, have a drive to get you to sign up. Basically, they’re saying “Reach $75 in earnings, and we’ll send you a check for $100!” which is good news. If you’re thinking of using Kontera for your inlinks, this is a great time to join.

So why are they giving you $25? Naturally, this is a PR stunt, and they’ve most likely made a lot of calculations as to what this will cost them, including the fact that a great many subscribers won’t reach $75 at all. That’s the obvious part.

The not so obvious part is the fact that the ad industry is, if not in turmoil, so at least worried about the current state of all things financial. So the Kontera drive is a way to tackle this, and I think others will follow on it, along with promising invitation programs and other benefits from publishers. We’ll also see more aggressive positioning towards advertisers, and if the ad networks do indeed manage to get more pageviews due to the signup drives, that can possibly match the ad slump that is bound to happen.

Or not.

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I’m just happy that the ad networks are working hard to attract publishers. If they do their job, the online ad slump might not be that big deal after all. Wishful thinking, perhaps. What do you think?

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  • One of my stumble buddies works for Kontera and asked me to to a post about the promotion.

    I went to the site, checked it out and actually signed up.

    The jury is still out about the distraction factor of the double underlines.

    We’ll see how it goes!


  • I signed up with Kontera 18 months ago and came to the conclusion it wasn’t worth the effort – until early this month when I received a cheque for $105 US . That’s $160 Australian dollars. It took over a year to get up to $100 but it paid off and now I’m sticking with them on a couple of sites.

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