How To Make Friends And Influence People: 6 Ways To Keep Facebook Fans


For businesses big and small, Facebook offers a great opportunity to connect with customers and build awareness.  Collecting Facebook fans through the use of the ‘Like’ button is a great way to promote all you have to offer and target potential customers with offers and news.

However studies have shown that many fans will often ‘unlike’ a brand soon after a particular promotion or offer has ended.  Other reasons why people unsubscribe like this include loss of interest in a business or product, page postings are uninteresting and a lack of postings to a brand page.  Getting the most from your social media marketing campaigns, be they on Facebook or another social network, will rely on you being able to keep fans and attract new ones.

Of course it can be difficult to predict the buying behaviour of individuals, marketing tends to rely on demographics to target certain markets and consumers.  And whilst not all promotions or offers you run will interest everyone, keeping your fans interested enough to stay with you will rely on you doing a little homework first. [Read more…]

$72000 Fine For Website Owners Who Use Facebook ‘Like’ Button In Germany

Facebook Like Button

Facebook Like ButtonA German official in the Schleswig-Holstein district of Germany has ruled that the Facebook “Like” plug-in violates European Union privacy laws and he is going after websites operating in his region who use the button, fining them $72,000 for “Like” button use.

According to the official, Facebook follows a users habits for a period of two years from the time of use, tracking that is used by Facebook to “build a broad individual and for members even a personalized profile.” [Read more…]

Facebook Is Tracking You Through Like Button Use, So Is Twitter

Facebook Like Button

Facebook Like ButtonThe next time you log onto a website with a Facebook Like Button you should understand that you’re being tracked, even if you never click on the “Like” option.

In a report released by the Wall Street Journal it has been revealed that users are only required to log into their Facebook account once per month in order to be tracked, while the same thing goes for Twitter tracking via Tweet buttons.

That “once a month” login requirement stands even if a browser is closed or the users computer is turned off and then back on, simply leave your Facebook or Twitter accounts logged in and the tracking will continue.

While both Twitter and Facebook insist they are not attempting to use user data for nefarious purposes they do hold onto tracking information for a short period. According to Twitter their tracking data is removed “quickly” while Facebook keeps your browsing data for 90 days. [Read more…]

Sharing Is Liking: Facebook Like Buttons Replacing The Share Feature

Screen Shot 2011-02-27 at 1.00.57 PM

Facebook LogoSince the advent of Social Bookmarking, share buttons have reigned supreme and have made sharing content much easier. As Social Networks evolved so did their share buttons. Facebook is taking a new step in how sharing is defined by retiring its share button and replacing it with the new like feature.

Facebook has introduced a new update to its like button which changes how content creators and users interact. The first major update is how a liked story is shared: a thumbnail, title and blurb are posted to your stream and will be prominent to your friends. Comments and additional likes are now supported to encourage friends to discuss a story or piece of interesting content via Facebook.

How liked stories are displayed on your wall

The goal of Facebook’s improved like button is to promote content and make it more visible amongst friends. The addition of friends being able to like a story and comment it will give content publishers more reason to consider using Facebook if they want more conversations generated.

By redefining how the share button works, Facebook is hoping to increase exposure of great content and promote the social validation associated with someone in your network liking something. The share button will be supported by Facebook but the new like button will be the future of content sharing.

Facebook Going Mobile With Like Button and Open Graph


Facebook LogoFacebook has announced that their Open Graph and Like Platforms are going mobile.

Head of mobile products Eric Tseng said at the MobileBeat 2010 conference in San Francisco that the company “really sees mobile as the future.”

The move to mobile especially makes sense for Open Graph when partnered with geo-location based technology. Users could walk into a store that’s having a sale, receive information about that sale and then see relevant reviews or suggestions from their Facebook friends about those products, creating a more interactive advertising platform for retailers. [Read more…]