CNN Producer Fired for Personal Blog

Media companies love to appear as if they are embracing new media. However, comments are often moderated and edited, podcasts are one-way streets and YouTube sharing is always disabled.

It’s sorta like when your friend’s mom, even though she’s 50, is trying to be cool. The end result is always sad.

Citing that their employee handbook prohibits writing for other entities without approval, CNN has axed Emmy-award winning producer, Chez Pazienza, formerly of American Morning.

The blog under fire is Deus Ex Malcontent; With a single paragraph being cited by CNN for a TOS violation.

I wake up every morning baffled as to why America hasn’t deported George Bush and Dick Cheney, Hollywood hasn’t stopped trying to convince me that Sarah Jessica Parker is attractive, gullible soccer moms haven’t realized that they share absolutely no kinship with Oprah, and Fox canceled Firefly.

Read more about Chez’s rapid dismissal here.

Now might be a good time to break out those employee handbooks. Because in reality, mainstream media will never truly embrace Web 2.0. Not when the power of one has the ability to put egg on their faces.

Guardian, Salon journalists start daily video blogs on Current TV

A number of journalists working at the UK’s Guardian newspaper, and at Salon, will begin daily vlogging (video blogging) on Current TV, Al Gore’s integrated TV and web platform.

The Guardian is already well advanced in the use of online media and blogging, and Salon is a well-established online media publication, so it seems like a natural progression into video.

“When we were approached by Current TV we knew that their profile and outlook was highly compatible with the Guardian,” said Emily Bell, director of digital content, Guardian News & Media.

The advantage of partnering with Current TV is that the content will be broadcast on UK cable and satellite TV, packaged for the web, and be used on the content owners’ web sites.

“We are very excited about the partnership and think it will bring our journalism to a wider audience and help us showcase our best blogging talent in a video format,” Bell continued.


Evaluate Splashpress Media’s Worth and Win $1,000

Splashpress Media has been around for less than a year to date, but our foundations date back to much longer than that. And we’ve been building up our network with quite a lot of launches, re-launches and acquisitions these past months. Many of these had involved transactions with exact dollar figures, whether as cost or income.

In this crazy world of online businesses, there is much talk about worth. How much is your blog or blog network worth? If someone made an offer to acquire your site, would you take it? For how much? How would you know it’s a fair valuation? Loren Feldman over at 1938 Media has a good analysis of worth vis-a-vis value, and this has made us think about our worth as a company. Still, there are different ways to come up with the dollar value you can attribute to a business, and we would like to know your thoughts about how much you think we are worth. For the best “worth evaluation” we will give a prize of US$ 1,000.

So here’s the deal. We’ll give $1,000 cash to the best “worth evaluation” of Splashpress Media’s network via a comment in reply to this post, a post on your own blog with a pingback or a private email via our contact form.

We already know its value to us….!

To explain a bit further- what we are looking for is the best “model” for “worth evaluation”, not the $$ figure itself, i.e: it really doesn’t matter whether you think we are “worth” a million bucks or zero, it is how you got to the numeric figure that matters. And to make it harder, we’re not going to provide any stats whatsoever or any revenue figures. You’ll just need to guess at the reality or the potential- up to you.

Again, we already know the company’s value to us, each as individual contributors to the whole (which makes value subjective!). But learning how much you think we are worth, and how you come up with that dollar figure make things more interesting.

Anyone interested has up to end of this week–Sunday, Nov. 11th, midday EST–to send in “worth valuations” either by comments, email or pingbacks/trackbacks, and we will announce the winner on the 12th.

Splashpress Media Acquires Heavyweight Blogs from Bloggy Network

New Media company Splashpress Media has announced the acquisition of five premier blogs from Bloggy Network LLC.

Along with this acquisition, Splashpress Media has also announced that Mr. David Peralty, Bloggy Network’s Director of Communications, is now joining the company as Head of Marketing. David has extensive experience in the new media industry, and looks forward to leading the charge in building up the Splashpress Media brand.

In a private sale for an undisclosed amount, the following blogs will now be operated by Splashpress Media:

Blogging Pro– Blogging Pro regularly features news, themes and plugins for blogging applications in a straightforward, no-nonsense manner. The site regularly discusses a wide array of blogging-related topics, from personal blogging, to blog monetization, to the technical aspects of blogging.

Forever Geek – Forever Geek is a blog written for geeks by a group of geeks who each have their own passions and interests. Forever Geek provides geeks with links to interesting news, sites and reviews online without the usual clutter of other geek-oriented sites.

Celebrific – Talking about celebrities is what Celebrific is all about. Featuring a “hot woman (or man) of the day” every day, and a weekly “Celebrific lowdown” summary of happenings every week, as well as regular postings and photos of stars. Celebrific is sure to satisfy anyone’s celebrity fix.

Filmsy – Authored by true film buffs, Filmsy reviews the latest box office and disc releases, with honest to goodness commentary. Reviews and commentary are both on new movies and classics from the past ages of cinema.

bFeedMe – bFeedMe aims to satisfy readers’ hunger for information about food, whether they’re tips on the latest great restaurants, delicious recipes, or anything about food in general.

The acquisition brings in tens of thousands of visitors every day, along with tens of thousands of existing feed subscribers, increasing Slashpress Media’s reach into the blogosphere.

Splashpress Media has been looking for some time to establish an entertainment network in its portfolio and is also currently launching a new TV blog- Erati, while also relaunching a Hollywood Blog and one on Celebrity Chefs.

Splashpress Media, owned and operated by Mark Saunders, delivers some of the top blogs and blogging services in the industry, including the Blog Herald, 901am, Performancing, Tubetorial and Eaton Web, amongst others, and considers the newly-acquired sites as making its network wider and deeper.

About Splashpress Media

Founded in 2006, with over 100 blog-related sites and 200 people working in its network, Splashpress Media has quickly evolved into a significant new media company focusing primarily on ways to help the modern blogger succeed– whether that be through news, tutorials, analysis, metrics, designs, tools, products or services.

Splashpress Media is a UK based company with satellite offices around the world.

Media Contact:

J. Angelo Racoma
Editor in Chief
[email protected]

About Bloggy Network

Founded in 2005, Bloggy Network is a uniquely focused blog network, encompassing not only blogs, but the entire blogging experience. To that end the company not only operates popular blogs, but also a blog portal under the Blog Flux brand and award-winning blog design through its Design Disease brand.

Media Contact:

Jacob Gower
[email protected]

Elemental Launches Social Media Portal; Social Networks Mapped

In line with ad:tech London, UK-based media consultancy firm Elemental has announced the launch of Social Media Portal (SMP), which is an application that maps the global landscapes created by various new media networks. SMP maps cross-country linkages among social networks, blogs, podcasts, intant messaging clients, and the like.


SMP maps networks and the landscapes they create from around the globe, and is the creation of UK-based media consultancy Elemental (, specialists in integrating traditional and digital marketing, media and PR.

Designed and developed by Australian-based web agency C2 (, SMP encompasses the role of social networks, user generated content (UGC), blogs, podcasts, search engines and other technology like instant messenger. SMP’s Landscape will continue to grow on a daily basis, as social media companies and blog owners are encouraged to add their sites.

According to Elemental, this new application “highlights the relationships between organisations, business and people within the Landscape and how they intertwine and connect with each other using social media.” Currently, there are about 55 new media sites that are part of SMP, and bloggers and other users of new media are encouraged to sign up.

Elemental says SMP lets marketers and brand owners know where online audiences are and how to engage with them on their own level. Meanwhile, the service can also help social media sites bring in elements like advertising and promotions that suit their users better.

SMP is also running a month-long contest, where various prizes like a Nintendo Wii, a Squeezebox and iTunes vouchers are at stake. Entrants only need to answer the question What is your favourite social network and why?

ComScore intros “Conversational Media Report” service for blogs and social media sites

ComScore, the global Internet information provider who measures consumer behavior in a wide variety of different sectors, has developed the Conversational Media Report, offering global measurement of both mainstream and niche blog audiences, as well as users of social networking sites such as Facebook, Bebo, and MySpace.

WebProNews reports that comScore has collaborated with Federated Media — who publish a wide range of popular blogs including BoingBoing, CrunchGear, Gaping Void, and OhGizmo! — to put in place “a custom weighting and projection system so the reporting of this category reflects the characteristics of the visitors to blogging sites covering a wide range of topics and interests.”

[Read more…]

Linden Lab Launches Second Life Grid Platform

Recognizing opportunities brought about by virtual worlds Linden Lab, creator of Second Life, has recently announced the launch of the Second Life Grid, which is the platform that runs the virtual world. Grid is then available for use as a virtual world platform for any organization to use. Second Life Grid is being marketed as a “resource for businesses, organizations and educators for creating a successful virtual presence.”

The Second Life Grid is a full-featured service platform of revolutionary technologies that support the globally renowned virtual world experience, Second Life. The Grid offers a comprehensive system of infrastructure, consumer features, tools, and services that allows any organization to provide its own unique immersive experience in the world’s largest interconnected virtual world.

The viability of Second Life as a virtual realm has been explored by organizations and companies through various ways, such as showing of documentaries, holding of conferences, virtual land/property, advertising platforms, a virtual economy that can extend into real life, and even for activism or radicalism.

Second Life will remain focused on residents, while Linden Lab has offered various programs for organizations that wish to explore opportunities in virtual worlds, such as through the The Community Gateway Program, Global Provider Program and other Second Life API-based programs.

Tumblr — Lifestreaming . . . One day I’ll stream where I want to.

Here I am. Floating away. Eveything I do is a river of life.

First it was that my little writing blog had a feed. RSS what was that? Really Simple Syndication. Then I joined a social networking, or was it a social media site? I don’t know.

But it had a river of news about what everyone was doing.

Now along comes Tumblr.


Steve Rubel has a great description of lifestreaming and how he is using it. [Read more…]

Twitter Gets Funding from Union Square Ventures

Microblogging service Twitter has recently announced that it has raised funding from Union Square Ventures. In the announcement, neither Twitter and Union Square disclosed the amount of the undertaking, nor any specific business model they are looking into. Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures stressed, though, that they are particularly interested with how Twittering is emerging as a new form of communication on the Internet.

Twittering is an emerging new form of communication on the Internet that changes the expectations associated with other forms of communication and yet it’s fundamentally different than blogging. Twitter provides a platform for banter that blogging doesn’t and it’s available in so many places via IM, mobile text messaging, or the Web that it induces a different sort of behavior. Twitter encourages people to adapt and invent behavior to suit their needs.

Twitter intends to use the funds to “grow [its] resources and focus on the important tasks ahead.” Twitter will continue to work with Charles River Ventures, and cites Marc Andreessen, Dick Costolo, Ron Conway, and Naval Ravikant as angel investors.

[via 901am]

Splashpress Media Acquires Wisdump

Splashpress Media is proud to announce its latest acquisition: Wisdump. The site was founded by 9rules CEO Paul “Scrivs” Scrivens as a personal blog on design, business and the Web, and was based on Scrivs’ Whitespace blog. In May of 2007 Wisdump was acquired by Manchester, England-based online media network, from which Splashpress has acquired the site via bidding at Sitepoint.

Wisdump will be managed by David Krug, who has said in his introductory post that while the voice of the site will be different with this change of ownership, the legacy that its founder and community have established will always be there.

A similar announcement was made on 901am earlier. Disclosure: both 901am and the Blog Herald are owned by Splashpress Media.