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September 8, 2010

Want To Build Your Own WordPress Empire? Has A Plan For That!

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After launching a WordPress only hosting environment outside the walls of Automattic many moons ago, is now offering businesses a way to build their own WordPress empires without mucking in the world of servers and geeks.

For our next trick we are releasing the new Vertical Platform. In a nutshell it allows selected partners to customize their own hosting system to augment their existing service, under their brand.

As an example; our launch partner Graph Paper Press is offering a customized WP install with their entire set of themes and specialized upgrades at   Their market vertical is made of Photographers primarily and they have “rolled a custom install” to serve this vertical market. So rather then their customer coming to for hosting, their customer purchases a theme+support+hosting bundle in a single transaction directly from Graph Paper Press. All the benefits of like the upgrades and security go with it. Pretty snazzy eh? (Official Blog) read more

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