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Want To Build Your Own WordPress Empire? Has A Plan For That!

Want To Build Your Own WordPress Empire? Has A Plan For That!

After launching a WordPress only hosting environment outside the walls of Automattic many moons ago, is now offering businesses a way to build their own WordPress empires without mucking in the world of servers and geeks.

For our next trick we are releasing the new Vertical Platform. In a nutshell it allows selected partners to customize their own hosting system to augment their existing service, under their brand.

As an example; our launch partner Graph Paper Press is offering a customized WP install with their entire set of themes and specialized upgrades at   Their market vertical is made of Photographers primarily and they have “rolled a custom install” to serve this vertical market. So rather then their customer coming to for hosting, their customer purchases a theme+support+hosting bundle in a single transaction directly from Graph Paper Press. All the benefits of like the upgrades and security go with it. Pretty snazzy eh? (Official Blog)’s Vertical Platform does not yet list any specific prices which may indicate that this plan caters to those with deep pockets (or medium sized businesses).

Either way’s offer should help companies desiring to offer a branded experience for their clients without having to annoy your average server company (who may not be thrilled with the idea).

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Currently the only other major WordPress only hosting companies are Automattic (the creators of, VaultPress and Akismet) and WPEngine, the latter who just recently launched in July.

Thus far seems to be the only WP only host to provide this option, although I wouldn’t be surprised if the competition attempts to match’s offer (with the exception of Automattic who charts their own course).

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  • Hey John,

    Thanks for posting. I’ve been hearing from others who also do WordPress Hosting only plans, and I’m going to be doing a review of them starting next week.

    I’ll add you to the list.

  • Hi, Darnell,

    Please consider reviewing our cloud-based WordPress hosting service, BlogOnCloud9.

    After struggling with under-performing, indifferent hosts for our clients, the ContentRobot team decided to take matters into our own hands.

    Here’s our story:

    We are 100% WordPress centric – that’s all we do here. We offer support for every aspect of WordPress – just ask us anything about your theme, plugins, SEO, security, etc. We’ll perform fixes, provide answers, offer recommendations , and more. We also think the cloud is perfect for hosting blogs of any size.

    Thanks, Karen & Dana

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