How did you explain new media to your folks?

Before he retired, my father was a banker for more than ten years. But he devoted a lot of his spare time writing for a national broadsheet and a few magazines (he still continues to do so online). When he finally joined Facebook two weeks ago, it became easier to explain my work in this “new media” industry.

I guess I’m lucky. I don’t find the need to submit cringing stories to My Parents Joined Facebook — not that I have anything to hide from my dad, but I’m glad that he gets it, as a former journalist who found the need to catch up with the times. There aren’t too many people in their 60’s who bend over that way. For him, converting his column to an online medium allowed him the luxury of not having to go through an editor — he found the idea of not having a deadline attractive, and being able to get instant feedback almost immediately more enthralling. To him, it isn’t about “print being dead” — it’s about forcing the traditional industry to learn new tricks. You can only be senile up to some point.

How did you explain blogs, YouTube, Twitter and all that to your folks? More importantly, have they taken the plunge as well? Believe it or not, the main reason why my father joined Facebook was PEER PRESSURE from his old friends from high school and college who are now happily retired in their 60’s, and perhaps have nothing better to do than play Pet Society.

Happy weekend, blogosphere!

Turnkey Blog Solution for Parents

$50 a year to document your kids every millimeter of progress? If you want to join the already flooded niche of mommy and daddy bloggers, Web hosting company wants to introduce you to Kizzog.

Kizzogs are a “semi-custom personal blog” targeted to parents who want to blog but don’t have the time or technical knowledge to do so.

The portmanteau, which stumped me at first, is a combination of “kids” and “blog.”

Headers and sidebars within the password-protected site you ‘build’ are customized by uploading images of your children.

“A Kizzog will help capture the memories that will soon fade. Whether it’s capturing your son’s first steps or your daughter’s first soccer game the Kizzog helps you do this via your child’s own personal website. Kizzogs are the best way to share these memories with your family and friends.”

The all-inclusive service includes a domain name, 24/7 Web hosting with 24/7 tech support, 12 design options and password protection.

My question is this: If you’re just having a kid now, aren’t you likely young enough to grasp the basic concept of starting up a free blog?

What do you guys think?

Make way for “Mom 3.0”: Blogging, vlogging, twittering parents tune into tech

Two-thirds of moms use five or more forms of technology every day to stay in touch with their families, consume and compose content, and manage their lives.

That’s according to recent research from BSM Media, published in “Mom 3.0: Marketing with Today’s Mothers by Leveraging New Media & Technology”.

The report predicts that video blogs (vlogs), podcasts, social networking and microblogging will increase in popularity over the coming year. [Read more…]