Developing A Sound Structure For Your Photography Blog

Photo Blogging

Photo BloggingWhen browsing most well put together blogs they all share some very common characteristics, for example at the top of each page or along the sidebar there are categories which allow users to understand the various focuses of the website. Well built blogs also tend to make sure that the content found on the site is the focus, for example a cluttered blog with too many bright colors might distract from the blogs content driven message.

When creating a photography blog it’s important that a sound structural design is also implemented, a design that allows users to easily find the type of photographs they want while providing easy to view work by the artist will benefit readers and help create a loyal following

In this post we will examine some very simple elements that you can apply when building your first photography blog. [Read more…]

Flickr Alternatives for Copyright-Conscious Photographers

Flickr has been in the spotlight a good deal recently, but a lot of it has not been good news. It has been revealed that Flickr, like Facebook, strips out copyright metadata from uploaded images. Combined with a confusing API, licensing scandals, companies selling photos as cell phone backgrounds and more, it is easy to see why some are skittish about keeping their images on the site.

This has some photographers, bloggers and artists uneasy about using Flickr or at least using the site exclusively. Many have begun seeking alternatives to Flickr but alternatives seem to be thin. Though image hosts such as Photobucket exist and are great for embedding images into other sites, they lack the sense of community that Flickr provides and, in the case of Photobucket, can raise copyright issues of their own.

So what other sites are there for photographers and artists that might fulfill some or all of Flickr’s function while providing a slightly better copyright environment? There are actually many, but here are three of the more important ones to watch. [Read more…]