Actionable Tips to Keep Your Website Safe and Secure

website safe and secure

Your site is not that big that it would attract the attention of hackers, is it? That’s what some people think, and thus they don’t spend all that much time putting measures in place to ensure that their website is safe and secure.

website safe and secure

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But surely you’ve heard of that massive DDoS attack on almost 200,000 WordPress sites not so long ago? For all you know, you could have been one of the targets. These days, hackers don’t always target just the big sites. Every website is at risk.

Why is website security important?

IT expert Neeraj Tewari says it clearly: “Many people use their blog to communicate with friends or family, or for work purposes. If your blog is compromised, it puts those critical relationships at risk. Your blog or blog profile may contain important personal or identifying information. If your blog is vulnerable, so is this info.[Read more…]

Can Hosting Solutions Get Rid of IT Worries for Good?



Business have long adopted technology to stay competitive, and make themselves more efficient and cost-effective. Today new technology is developing and being absorbed at a faster rate than ever.

Since it has reached into our homes via PC, tablet, and Mac, and into our pockets through our smartphones, companies have to keep pace to keep consumers engaged. Studies show that people will generally not stay on a web page if takes longer than seven seconds to load.

Failing to invest in the technology to keep a business up to speed literally translates to lost revenue. Because of this, there is a need for faster Internet connections, bandwidth, and smart design to stay competitive.

For many years that has meant spending money on servers, paying for maintenance, and the headache of keeping up to date with the latest innovations. Fortunately, the development of cloud technology and hosting solutions have taken the pressure off companies who lack the time, resources, and desire to manage their complex and ever-growing IT infrastructure. [Read more…]