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Can Hosting Solutions Get Rid of IT Worries for Good?

Can Hosting Solutions Get Rid of IT Worries for Good?


Business have long adopted technology to stay competitive, and make themselves more efficient and cost-effective. Today new technology is developing and being absorbed at a faster rate than ever.

Since it has reached into our homes via PC, tablet, and Mac, and into our pockets through our smartphones, companies have to keep pace to keep consumers engaged. Studies show that people will generally not stay on a web page if takes longer than seven seconds to load.

Failing to invest in the technology to keep a business up to speed literally translates to lost revenue. Because of this, there is a need for faster Internet connections, bandwidth, and smart design to stay competitive.

For many years that has meant spending money on servers, paying for maintenance, and the headache of keeping up to date with the latest innovations. Fortunately, the development of cloud technology and hosting solutions have taken the pressure off companies who lack the time, resources, and desire to manage their complex and ever-growing IT infrastructure.

The business case

The time and money required to meet the demands of a high-traffic website can escalate quickly. A fully managed hosting service will take much of the trouble off your hands by managing your dedicated servers: patch management, security, and so on.

This is great for companies who do not have adequate time or IT admin resources to manage those servers properly. A partially hosted option offers businesses the flexibility to offload certain aspects of the server management to the hosting company.

Or if the client firm prefers, it can handle hosting entirely in-house, by only leasing the machines. Leasing dedicated servers can bring an incredible amount of peace of mind. It offers control and flexibility that are not guaranteed with a shared host.

Availability, speeds, and performance are at the mercy of other companies’ web traffic when you use shared servers through a hosting company. Leasing dedicated servers gives individual companies the freedom to choose hardware and operating system, set security protocols, and ensure bandwidth and fast performance.

Scalability and support

There are hard costs associated with supporting a network and scaling hardware resources as your business grows. And the cost of upgrading equipment is also pricey!

A managed hosting solution banishes worries about back-up, fixing network connections, or paying IT staff to ensure the company doesn’t lose production time because of network issues.

The case for security

Security and compliance are two incredibly important pieces of today’s IT infrastructure puzzle. Conducting monetary transactions online means that businesses have to take appropriate measures to protect the financial and personal information of their customers.

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When storing valuable and sensitive data such as credit card numbers, addresses, phone numbers, and the like, a dedicated server is a must-have. This gives the company the freedom to put a multitude of security layers and protocols in place to protect itself and the customers.

Hosting shared space leaves this information much more vulnerable. With managed hosting, a company does not have to worry about setting up firewalls, addressing denial of service attacks, managing antivirus security, and so on. It’s a win-win.

Partner with the right hosting company

IT infrastructure solution companies like Singlehop have partnered with the best of the best technology manufacturers like Dell and Microsoft. A solid hosting company understands the importance of quality hardware.

These partnerships often translate into better hosting rates because the hosting firms are able to purchase at discounted rates. The right hosting company will also offer an array of options, provide consultation, and act as a business partner to achieve the ideal solution for its clients.

By conducting independent research, a business can partner with the right hosting company to meet its needs, save a sizable chunk of money, and leave it free to conduct the business it’s passionate about instead of having to manage IT infrastructure. Business decision-makers can breathe easy and get the best of all worlds.

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