StumbleUpon Starts Banning Users?

Speaking of successful social web apps in the blogosphere, ReadWriteWeb runs a story about StumbleUpon starting to ban users. Apparently they’ve heard from “a handful of users” that they’ve been banned, without any word from StumbleUpon it seems. The comments adds to the mixed picture that’s being drawn up in the story. Fact is, there’s just not enough to go on to really know what’s happening here.

Do you know? Have you been banned from StumbleUpon, or do you know anyone who has?

What’s Your StumbleUpon Rank? Introducing StumbleRank

Are you a fan of StumbleUpon as a means to share cool stuff — and, perhaps, from time to time, gain a small boost in traffic should your site get Stumbled?

Would you be interested in getting to know fellow Stumblers, particularly by their Stumble ranking?

If the answer to both questions is “yes”, then it may interest you to know of a new service called StumbleRank, which is a new service put together by Muhammad Saleem, uber-social-media maven (and former BlogHerald author, I might add).

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Breaking Down The StumbleUpon Algorithm

StumbleUpon is a tool that allows its users to discover web sites, videos, and pictures that have been previously found and labeled by other users. Its a lot of fun, and perhaps just as important, a great source of traffic for your blog.

But other than doing the obvious, such as becoming a member of StumbleUpon, finding “friends”, and otherwise rating sites and being a good Stumbler, what else can be done — and understood — about StumbleUpon to maximize your efforts?

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