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July 22, 2009

The Guardian Sacks Paul Carr

Paul Carr used to write the Not Safe For Work column for The Guardian, but no more. The reason is a slashing of the freelance budget, says Carr on Twitter, and then goes on and tells us that he thought about doing the column for free but decided against it. That last part was on his blog though, which is a good thing because the reasoning would take up quite a few tweets… In the same blog post he writes a bit about leaving.

Having said all that, I will miss the outlet the Guardian gave me every week; to boast and swear and talk about things that were on my mind. I’m not sure there’s another UK paper that would give me such freedom – and for that reason I’ll be eternally grateful to my former paymasters. And I’ll miss them, like a sometimes-mental, socialist former girlfriend.

Michael Arrington over at TechCrunch isn’t sad about this. “Their loss our gain” he says, as he announces that Carr will be writing a weekly column for TechCrunch to run each Saturday morning. Good call, Carr’s Not Safe For Work Column over at The Guardian was a treat, and I’m thinking it was a huge mistake to cut it loose. But that’s the media industry for you right now. I’m just surprised Nick Denton didn’t snatch him up already.

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July 7, 2009

Twitter Enters the Collins English Dictionary

Twitter is featured in upcoming 30th anniversary Collins English Dictionary, writes The Telegraph.

The entry under noun will read: “a website where people can post short messages about their current activities” and under verb it will read: “to write short messages on the Twitter website”.

By the way things are going, we’ll most likely see more dictionaries adding Twitter, and other coined expressions as well as descriptive brands from social media soon.

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February 23, 2009

What Do You Use Twitter For?

That’s certainly a valid question, one that The Guardian asked and got a bunch of replies to. An interesting read, and a funny one to be sure.

You can follow both me and the Blog Herald on Twitter. Me, I communicate, and this very site you’re reading is mostly about syndicating content. For now…

Naturally, I’d like to know what you use Twitter for?

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