WordPress Ponders Palm Pre App (Plus: Windows Mobile Too?)


In their quest to dominate the “mobileverse,” Automattic (the company behind WordPress) is planning on expanding their brand upon Palm Pre and Windows Mobile devices.

But instead of having mobile engineers from other platforms create official apps for Palm and Windows Mobile, WordPress is seeking to hire talent from the outside to help turn these app desires into reality.

Take WordPress and other Automattic projects to the small screen by developing Open Source mobile products for multiple mobile platforms. Work on apps for Android, Pre, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, iPhone, and other platforms using such interfaces like our XML-RPC API. (Automattic Jobs Board)

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Will WordPress Create A Windows 7 Mobile App?

With Microsoft launching Windows 7 Mobile to the masses in October, one has to wonder whether the world’s largest blog platform (after Blogger) is secretly creating a WordPress blogging app for Microsoft.

Although WordPress has yet to create an official app for webOS (which powers the Palm Pre), they will probably skip over HP’s mobile OS and instead embrace the Redmond software giant instead.

For those wondering why an open source company like WordPress would even seriously consider teaming up with Microsoft (who defines propriety software), here are three (3) reasons we will probably see a WordPress app debuting on Windows 7 mobile later on this year.

WordPress, Inc.

Although Blogger still dominates WordPress as far as traffic goes, Automattic’s platform has extended beyond personal diaries and is now being embraced by small businesses, large corporations as well as heads of state (dictators too!).

With blogs becoming an important tool for corporations (at least for those in the PR business) we may see Microsoft forge a deep relationship with WordPress in order to gain some traction with their phone. [Read more…]