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Will WordPress Create A Windows 7 Mobile App?

Will WordPress Create A Windows 7 Mobile App?

With Microsoft launching Windows 7 Mobile to the masses in October, one has to wonder whether the world’s largest blog platform (after Blogger) is secretly creating a WordPress blogging app for Microsoft.

Although WordPress has yet to create an official app for webOS (which powers the Palm Pre), they will probably skip over HP’s mobile OS and instead embrace the Redmond software giant instead.

For those wondering why an open source company like WordPress would even seriously consider teaming up with Microsoft (who defines propriety software), here are three (3) reasons we will probably see a WordPress app debuting on Windows 7 mobile later on this year.

WordPress, Inc.

Although Blogger still dominates WordPress as far as traffic goes, Automattic’s platform has extended beyond personal diaries and is now being embraced by small businesses, large corporations as well as heads of state (dictators too!).

With blogs becoming an important tool for corporations (at least for those in the PR business) we may see Microsoft forge a deep relationship with WordPress in order to gain some traction with their phone.

Beyond iWordPress

Unlike many of its rivals who build apps for one or two mobile platforms, WordPress has embraced the world of mobile by developing official apps for the iPhone, Blackberry, Google’s Android OS, as well as Nokia smartphones.

Regardless of whether or not Microsoft heavily courts WordPress for their phone (which would, we will probably see WP reach out to WinMo users in order to help strengthen its brand and position.

Powered By Microsoft?

Believe it or not WordPress has partnered with the software giant before, most notably in dealing with Microsoft’s Azure.

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Microsoft is also heavily promoting WordPress by featuring the platform upon its website to corporations who run Windows upon their servers instead of Linux.

In order to help convince their clients that Windows 7 Mobile is just as relevant as the iDevice (or a random gPhone), we may see a heavily optimized WordPress app appear early on within MS’s app market.

Is WordPress Creating A Win7Mo App?

Thus far Automattic (the company behind WordPress) has not indicated in public on whether they are creating an app for Windows 7 Mobile (as they have yet to create any official forums for the device).

However we may see WordPress launch an app for Windows Mobile as part of their quest to overtake Blogger as the number one platform worldwide (at least in the mobileverse).

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  • We’ve been using the Windows 7 phone for 24hours now and it’s fantastic. The only thing missing is the ability to update our own blog via a WordPress app. Searched for an update this morning and found this blog post. Nothing any more concrete yet – get your finger out WordPress – Windows 7 phone users need you!

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