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10 Tips to Humanize Your Company Blog

10 Tips to Humanize Your Company Blog

The digital arena continues to expand. It’s growing so rapidly that some are worried it may take over jobs and any need for humans in commerce.

Most analysts will say you shouldn’t be worried about robots taking over the world, but businesses are unknowingly allowing automation to remove the human element from many of their activities. This could be your downfall when it comes to customer-focused exchanges.

The widespread but understated anxiety over robots could keep some of your potential business away if your blog begins to sound more like an automatic answering service than a personal conversation. If your blog may be missing the human element, here are some ways to get it back.

1. Humanize Your Brand

When you focus on making your brand more human, this can color every other aspect of your marketing. Implement more human resources into all your procedures. For example, efficient payroll tools, collaboration software, social media profiles, and other resources that serve both your employees and customers.

These efforts will have a positive effect on your blog and generate a more human experience on both ends.

2. Gain a Voice

The best way to distinguish your blog from those of your competitors is to make it sound distinctly like you. Often, this may entail hiring a writer who can handle all your blog posts, keep the voice consistent, and inject personal flare to make it unique.

3. Speak the Language of Your Audience

A big part of finding and maintaining your voice is speaking in words your audience will understand. If you’re a B2B company, for example, you’ll use jargon and other industry-specific language that other firms in your field will recognize. If you’re a B2C company, you’ll want to leave out the high-tech lingo and focus on bringing value to the reader on a more basic level.

4. Employ Good Manners

Everyone has flaws and makes mistakes, but human bloggers know when to apologize for errors in their posts. They also use “please,” “thank you,” and other appropriate phrases when communicating with their readers.

5. Focus on the About Page

One of the most popular landing pages on any blog is the “About” page. This describes what the company does and how it can add value to the reader’s life. People want to know about the people behind the site, so it’s essential to make this page informative and lively.

Focus on making your page reflect the personality and mission of the brand. If you center on your experiences, unique attributes, history in the industry, and other personalized topics, you will give consumers a perfect portrait of your business.


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6. Introduce Yourself

Another way to make your About page stand out is with a personalized introduction. Use the opportunity to welcome new visitors to your site and let them know you’re an authority in the field. Good introductions help to hook your readers and get them talking about your blog.

7. Use Personal Pronouns

It’s okay to use personal pronouns and even your own name when your write posts. This helps readers feel as if they’re connecting with a human being rather than a computer screen. It works much better when you have a single writer to handle all your blog posts. This way, consumers can connect with one person rather than a group of faceless and unnamed writers.

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8. Post Photographs

Take pictures of your team and post them on the About page to give faces to the names. A photograph of each of your writers is also useful for enlivening blog posts. Publications too often leave out the name of the writer and other personal information, but including them creates a much more individual and personal ambiance.

9. Utilize Multi-Media

Videos, podcasts, gifs, and other forms of multi-media will make your blog feel less one-dimensional. People aren’t one-dimensional. They have voices and can hear and feel things. Multi-media helps to evoke all five senses for the reader, which will engage them far more than piles of text.

10. Promote with Social

The best way to connect and carry out conversations with your readership is through social media. When consumers comment, try to answer their questions with a timely and personalized response. Reaching out and being genuine with consumers is the best way to show there’s a human at the other end of the line.

Offer Value Rather Than a Sales Pitch

Too many business blogs make the mistake of making all their posts into long sales pitches. They talk about how great their products and services are without showing specific and real value for the reader.

Good blogs offer resources, solutions, and answers to questions, to show readers that your company can dependably provide the value they seek.

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  • People don’t want to show any biases that might deter any potential leads. Perhaps some may want to present themselves as strictly professional.
    Either way, the truth of the matter is: humanizing your brand is no longer an option, it’s a necessity. People like making connections. They enjoy investing their time and money in people they know are on their side and that they can relate to.

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