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11 Suggested Topic Ideas For Beginner Bloggers

11 Suggested Topic Ideas For Beginner Bloggers

For a beginner blogger, starting is always the hardest part. The fundamental question “What do I blog about” can immobilize you for an indefinite period. If it’s going to be a business blog, the answer is obvious. You sell your brand, identify your target audience, and write relevant posts.

But if it’s a personal undertaking that you want to monetize, blogging mindlessly won’t get you anywhere. You must pick a topic and it must be one that is of interest to you; otherwise, you won’t have the inspiration to blog.

Here are 11 topic ideas for beginner bloggers that have been proven to be hugely successful. Each topic has its own sub-niche that you have the option to focus on.

1. Health

Health blogs will always be popular. It can be a general health blog about healthy living practices, such as diets, exercises, home remedies, and combining age-old wisdom and modern discoveries. Or you can choose a niche, such as a vegan blog or a fitness one.

2. Travel

More people are travelling today than before, for business and leisure, thanks to technology that has created global offices and awareness of other places. A travel blog gives tips and guides on flights, hotels, interesting spots and a country’s culture, which are all very helpful for the traveller.

3. Personal Finance

Student debts, credit card debts and personal loans have driven young people to learn how to handle their money. Many successful personal finance blogs were started in 2007, when the recession hit. Some blogs have specialties, such as investing or retirement planning.

4. Family

Mommy blogs are now competing with dad blogs – that’s how popular family blogs are. You’ll have a variety of ideas for posts, too. Sought-after topics include child care and parenting, common illnesses, recipes, fun activities and child education.

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5. Love and Relationships

You don’t have to be a psychologist or therapist to write about love and relationships. Talk about your own experience or rewrite posts from experts if it’s about advice. List posts are sought after too, such as best online dating platforms or ten questions to avoid on a first date.

6. How To’s

Google is the go-to place that people use to find information and how-to’s are no exception, for everyday activities to uncommon situations. No wonder WikiHow ranks high on Alexa.

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7. Recipes

A blog of recipes is a create crowd-drawer. Write about recipes of a certain country, or on popular dishes or slimming diets. Food trends and fad diets are always changing, so you’ll always have new posts.

8. Technology

Even as tech bloggers proliferate in the blogosphere, there’s always room for more. You can post about your experiences or focus on a topic, like game development or open-source software. Build credibility while putting in your personal touch to your blog.

9. Fashion and Beauty

If you’re a fashionista, this type of blog would be a natural for you. Aside from being always up-to-date on the latest in fashion and beauty, find out how to be different and look at the most popular fashion blogs to learn their secrets. Another must for a fashion blog is an Instagram account.

10. Pet Animals

With 68% of US households having a pet, animal blogs are always being googled. Pets in order of popularity are dogs, cats, birds, and horses. You won’t run out of topics to write about. Include exotic animals, too.

11. Sports

If you’re an avid sports player or watcher, and you want to start a blog, this one’s for you. Hands down, American football is the country’s national sports, but you can also write about baseball, basketball, soccer, or tennis.

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