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3 Amazing Places Filled with Drafts of Your Future Articles

3 Amazing Places Filled with Drafts of Your Future Articles

How cool would it be to have smart people write the drafts of your future articles? Where all left for you to do is add some personal touch to it and hit “Publish”. Amazingly cool, right? Well, I know at least three places with amazingly good content, that can be easily transformed into articles on your own blog. And I will happily share them with you, guys.

1. Quora

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I’ve been using Quora to “steal” some amazing crowdsourced content for a very long time now. Just put your topic into a search box and browse the discussions by some of the world’s smartest people. But not only that! Ask your own question there; then sit down and wait for these guys to come up with infinitely valuable responses. Doesn’t it look like a great source of drafts of your future articles? It surely does, if you ask me. You may even want to follow certain topics or guys to stay up to date with the activity in your field. Kinda like “get article drafts on autopilot”.

2. Reddit

amazing places Reddit is not just a place where people share links and vote for them. This is also a place where they discuss things that bother them! Moreover, the most popular topics have their own subreddits and the chances are you’re in a niche that has a subreddit of it’s own. So what’s the plan? All you have to do is check a few relevant subreddits once a week and see if anything pops there. In most cases people will give you enough information in comments to craft a cool article out of it. And if the discussion is on the front page of the subreddit – you already know it’s popular, for people voted for it to be there.

3. “Strip The Blog” tool

amazing places Put the URL of any blog to the “Strip The Blog” tool and it will show you the most popular articles based on the amount of social shares they’ve got. It’s always cool to know what’s popular in your niche, but we’re talking about drafts of your future articles, right? Well, in most cases, popular articles tend to have a ton of reader comments, which is nothing but a source of amazing content for you. Quite often people in comments will ask questions about what bothers them, share their own unique ideas and show if the idea of the original post resonates with them or not. You can use all this information to craft an article, which would be much better than the original post on the topic. You may even reach out to the author of the original article and show him your piece. He may then share it with his followers, who will spread the word about your post even further. Disclaimer: this tool is something I’ve created myself, and in the nearest time we’re going to make it actually display the number of comments on each article. So make sure to revisit it in a while.

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4. There’s One More

amazing places Sorry, but I lied to you when I said that I know three places of crowdsourced content. I actually know four. But the last one is so obvious that I’m almost ashamed of bringing it to the table. How about you tell me what you think it is in the comments section? There’s actually a chance, that together we’ll be able to come up with more than four sources of amazing content for your posts. So… your move? —– Tim Soulo is a blogging experimenter and conversion junkie. Check his free email course if you want to grow the traffic of your blog or check his free online tool that will show you the most popular articles of any blog you put into it.

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  • Thanks Angela for this blog post. I always find it difficult to get ideas to blog about, so I will be checking this. I love your posts.

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