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3 Tips Guaranteed to Get You More Readers

3 Tips Guaranteed to Get You More Readers

You blog is nothing without readers, but keeping these readers around isn’t always easy. It’s difficult to find loyal followers who will subscribe to your blog and read every post. Without that, your chances of making money diminish significantly.

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably struggling with bringing new readers to your blog. The good news is there are a few foolproof ways to do so if you’re willing to put in the time, effort, and dedication.

Without further ado, here are three ways you’re guaranteed to gain more followers for your blog.

1. Up Your Social Media Game

The average Facebook user has approximately 350 friends. That means you have approximately 350 friends, and each of your 350 friends has that many friends, and each of their friends, and so on. When you become an active social media user who shares fun snippets and exciting details on your social media, your friends will see it, and if it’s entertaining enough, they’ll like, comment, or share, which allows their friends to see it, and the cycle can continue until it’s reached thousands or even millions of people.

Now, you can’t expect to be shared around the internet if you don’t post compelling information. You’ll want to share just a snippet of a story, like that one time you got locked out of your car and learned a really valuable lesson. Compelling stories are what get shared, and if they’re attached to your blog, you’ll quickly see more hits than ever.

2. Create Effective Calls to Action

Readers like to be told what to do with a piece of information after they read it, whether that instruction is to sign up for your email feed or subscribe to your blog. But the command has to be done in the right way for it to be effective. Some of the most effective calls to action include those that:

Offer a free product or trial
Propose a way to learn more about something that solves a problem
Give a “bonus” that’s only good for a certain amount of time
Appear in pop-up form and ask readers to subscribe now
Provide an invitation to see how something works

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Essentially, the call to action needs to solve some form of problem or provide value to the reader. Use the topic of your blog to help you discover the problem you’re solving and the value you’re providing to customers in order to encourage their participation.

3. Team Up with Other Bloggers

Find a non-competitive blog and see if the owner is interested in growing their readership through a partnership. If each of you has 300 followers on your blog, you can virtually double your blog traffic through this affiliation.

The simplest way to do this is through guest blogging. When you find a good partner, draft a blog post that could add some insight and value to the other blogger’s readers and post it on their site. Set a date on your editorial calendar for the other blogger to do the same on yours. You’ll be able to educate other readers about your brand and vice versa, which will help to bring more readers to your virtual door.

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  • Well, making your readers returning visitors is quite a challenging task. But once you get the secrets this challenging task turns to be most easy and interesting. The above-mentioned tips are undoubtedly worth following and useful. I will do consider these tips from now on to make readers more engaging and to get more readers on blog. Thanks for the awesome write-up!!


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