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4 Remote Working Benefits Bloggers Enjoy

4 Remote Working Benefits Bloggers Enjoy

People who have never worked remotely, who are accustomed to going into the office at the same time every morning and clocking out at the same time each evening, don’t really have anything to base the remote working structure on.

However, as bloggers and other remote workers have discovered, being location independent comes with a number of benefits.

Increased Productivity

Critics of flexible working like to perpetuate the myth that remote workers are, by and large, much less productive than their office counterparts. They point to the fact that remote bloggers operate outside of structured environments and are exposed to excessive distractions. But, according to research from Dialpad, this belief doesn’t hold any weight.

The research shows that having the ability to work from anywhere significantly boosts employee happiness, which has a direct impact on productivity. As Dialpad’s Catherine Brown explains it, “Happy employees are, on average, 12 – 20 percent more productive than their unhappy counterparts, so we can comfortably attribute flexible working to driving up the value each employee brings to the business.”

Better Health

One of the biggest benefits of working remotely is that you’re able to stay healthy and fit. This is ultimately the result of less exposure and more flexibility. Here’s what this means:

  • Exposure. We’re in the middle of cold and flu season, which means many offices around the country are essentially acting as cesspools for germs and bacteria. Remote workers don’t have to deal with all of these nasty germs and can protect themselves in the privacy of their own homes. This drastically reduces their chances of getting sick.
  • Flexibility. The flexible nature of working remotely means it’s possible to make time for exercise and fitness. After all, it’s a lot easier for someone who’s working remotely to take a 30-minute break in the middle of the afternoon to go on a jog.

These are just a couple of examples, but you get the idea. Remote working opens up doors for healthier living – which benefits both the blogger and clients/employers.


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Fewer Work-Related Expenses

Remote blogging isn’t just convenient, it can actually save you a lot of money on expenses you’d otherwise incur if you had to go into an office. According to unofficial research from Brie Weiler Reynolds of Flexjobs, the average person can save up to $4,172 per year.

Where does that number come from, you may ask? Well, more than 35 percent comes in the form of gas and car maintenance. You save on coffee, eating out, and dry cleaning. Plus, if you have a dedicated home office, you can take a deduction. The average deduction lowers a typical tax obligation by $750.

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Enhanced Creativity

“There are times when the home — or the coffee shop or the library — is a much better place to work than the office,” economist E. Glenn Dutcher says. “For certain types of creative work, you have to be in your favorite room, or listening to your favorite music, or sitting in your favorite chair with your cat on your lap. No other environment will do.”

Dutcher is speaking to the idea that remote working enhances creativity by allowing the blogger to bounce around between environments in order to find the right space for the task at hand.

The Life of a Blogger

It isn’t always easy being a professional blogger. Paychecks can fluctuate from week to week, the lack of interactions can feel isolating, and work can often feel repetitive.

However, the pros almost always outweigh the cons. Particularly, most bloggers covet the ability they have to work remotely. It makes it all worthwhile and is just one reason why so many nine-to-five professionals are jealous of the lifestyle.

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