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4 Simple Techniques To Bring Your Dead Blog Back To Life

4 Simple Techniques To Bring Your Dead Blog Back To Life

If there was a graveyard for dead blogs, it would be overcrowded by now. But the good thing about a dead blog is, you don’t have to cry over it because it can bring itself back to life. Like Jesus Christ. Or zombies. With your help, naturally.

However, reviving an abandoned blog shouldn’t be an end in itself. It’s simply a means to your goals. You want to attract traffic and gain followers. You want to be known as an authority and an influencer in your niche. You have SEO goals. Ultimately, you want to help or entertain people and make money from your blog.

But, first things first. Resurrect your blog. Give it a makeover. Use effective methods that will make it stand out among the multitude of blogs crowding cyberspace. It’s a tough task to accomplish. But with perseverance, determination, creativity and inspiration, you can probably get there. On this premise, what you’ll be doing, aside from regular posting, is to make changes to your usual posts. Spice up a run-of-the-mill blog with new styles you haven’t done before.

Here are 4 techniques for bringing your blog back from the dead

1. Diversify

Does your blog post format stick to a pattern? There are numerous styles you can use to engage your readers and make them enthusiastic enough to come back. How-to’s, list posts, checklists and opinion posts are some of the most popular among readers. But they’re not the only ones. Do your research for types of blog posts so you can have a variety to choose from.

Then schedule activities and contents for certain days to make it easier for you. Having an assigned theme for a specific day is one less burden since you already know what type of blog post you’ll do.

2. Use a video post.

Shake up your blog and do something besides the standard written article. Use a video post instead. The preference for visual content has increased tremendously and it makes sense to use a compelling video for your blog. A video post can be a stand-alone or you can use videos from YouTube to complement your blog post.

Tutorials are great as stand-alone videos and are very popular, such as software tutorials, online training and hair and makeup how-to’s. If your video on a social media channel is of a different format than what you’re planning to use in your blog post, you can prepare such files for media player easily without taking up a lot of your time.

3 Tips for posting a video on your blog:

Don’t forget to add the word “VIDEO” before the title to alert the readers to it.

Add a short introductory text above the video and a short summary below.

Make sure the video width fits into the content column without sacrificing resolution.

Take note that using other people’s videos from YouTube is only legal if you embed it on your site. Otherwise, you might be violating copyrights laws.

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3. Use seasons and occasions for your posts.

The holidays and Halloween are not the only post-worthy topics for a blog. But include them anyway since they are the most popular. You can’t run out of topics on both, whatever niche your blog is in. Blogs on personal finance, lifestyle, parenting, food, health and wellness, beauty and fashion will benefit from seasonal posts.

The four seasons in a year are a treasure trove for subject matters for blog posts. So are the Fourth of July, Veterans’ Day, World Cup and awards shows. Besides tips and how-to’s, you can inject humorous seasonal posts like “most embarrassing” “best,” “worst,” “funniest,” etc. Load them with striking images and quotes for maximum visual aesthetics.

4. Create social media profiles.

These days, no blog is worth its salt if it doesn’t have a social media profile. Aside from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest (the top sites that send the most traffic to blogs,) there are many more social networking sites being created. With billions of people worldwide who use social media daily, it’s plain stupidity not to get on board. But it’s not practical to be on all of them since you’ll lose an active interaction if you have to keep up with too many social sites.

Share the blog contents that will touch the hearts and minds of the masses that flock to Facebook et. al. and attract new followers. Social media is the easiest and fastest way to promote your blog and increase your audience. Engage with your readers for a personalized connection.

Automation tools facilitate the process of sharing content from your blog to social media, saving you a lot of time which is better spent building your social communities. If your blog in in WordPress, some programs include services like stats and the share button.

There will be moments when you’ll find that blogging isn’t all fun and it’s probably why you left your blog to die in the first place. But, in spite of its demands on you, keeping a blog has tremendous benefits. All you need is a shot in the arm and a bit of change to re-energize you.

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