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4 Useful Website Building Tips for the Rookie Blogger

4 Useful Website Building Tips for the Rookie Blogger

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As a rookie blogger, there are a lot of hurdles you must overcome in order to get started. One of the first and most important tasks is designing a website that’s attractive, smooth, and inviting. But if the thought of building a website seems daunting, don’t worry. Thanks to a multitude of resources and advice from industry experts, building your first website can be a breeze.

Give These Four Tips a Try

If you look at building and launching a website from a macro viewpoint, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Quite frankly, there’s a lot to do. However, if you zero in your focus and adopt a micro viewpoint that takes things one step at a time, you’ll be just fine.

Specifically, give the following four tips a try:

Choose a Domain Name

One of the most exciting and creative aspects of building a website is choosing a domain name. Not to put any additional pressure on you here, but you need to choose wisely. You’ll essentially be stuck with your domain name forever (or at least for many years). You can easily change your host, but changing your domain name will impact branding, SEO, and other aspects of your business.

As a rule of thumb, you want your domain name to be short and easy to remember. It’s also not a bad idea to include keywords that your target reader is interested in. A domain name isn’t the end-all-be-all to blogging success, but do spend some time with this aspect of the process.

Identify a Host

After choosing and registering a domain name for your website, you need a place to park your website and store all of the files and content you’ll accumulate. This is what’s known as a website host. When looking for a host, consider things like cost, uptime reliability, customer service, and speed. The latter aspect is especially important since page loading speed is directly correlated to metrics such as conversions and bounces.

Select a Website Builder

Don’t worry, you aren’t going to have to build a website totally from scratch. In fact, the vast majority of websites you see online today – especially blogs – are made exclusively through website builders that walk you step-by-step through the process. There are dozens of different website builders on the market, but you can find some of the highest rated ones here.

Read up on each of these options and compare features. As a beginner, you’ll want to look for ease of use, customization options, and portability. The latter is especially important. Should you choose to migrate to another platform when you eventually outgrow your current website, it’s imperative that your content can be seamlessly moved around.

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Start Designing and Branding

Once you have your website builder selected, you’re ready to start creating your site. If you chose a good builder, you’ll have access to dozens of different templates and hundreds of unique design capabilities. For best results, choose a simplistic design that’s sleek and compelling. In today’s industry, less is always more. Don’t overdo it!

Enjoy the Benefits of a Professional Website

As a rookie blogger, your goal is to appear as professional and experienced as possible. The quickest way to enhance your reputation is by building a sleek website that positions your blog as authoritative and worthy of being read.

Instead of wallowing in self-pity and taking an “I can’t do this” approach, tackle the issue of website building and teach yourself how to do it. The benefits of knowing how to build a website far outweigh the time and effort it takes to learn.

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