5 Places to Get Content Creation Ideas From

You always hear marketers talking about the need for original content. The problem is pretty much everything has been done before. That leaves you in a difficult position unless you hire one of the professional content creation services that will do it for you. There are still ways to put a new spin on content. Finding the inspiration can prove tricky.

Sometimes it’s best to search outside the box for content ideas. In this article, we’re going to show you five places to get content creation ideas from.

1. Watch Videos

Videos are the leading type of content on social media right now. More and more people expose the traffic-driving benefits brought on by video content. Watch videos to get some fantastic inspiration.

It doesn’t have to be something strictly related to your industry. Artistic and humorous videos work best. Focus on those that tell a story. Many companies are now turning to virtual characters to communicate otherwise full messages in an interesting way.

This also underlines the importance of following your competitors on social media. Aim to find the big players and the small players within your sector. See what they’re doing and watch some of their videos.

2. Podcasting

Industry podcasts are an ideal way to come up with content because there’s nothing fixed about it. Hosts will bounce around subjects and offer their unique views on the matter.

It’s a great way to get inspired because the leading podcasts are broadcast by inspiring people. The best part about getting inspired through podcasts is you can do it wherever you like. Listen to a podcast on the way to work, at lunch, or even while laying on the sofa at home.

3. Original Series Programming

In this case, an original series programming is basically a TV show broadcast exclusively online. They’re costly to make, which makes them well out of the range of most companies. For everyone else, they offer a palace to be inspired.

Buzzfeed is one example of a company that has made a success of this. Watch the material of their two publishing divisions and see what you can come up with.

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4. Video Games

We always hear marketers telling us that people want to hear a story. You have to tell the story of your brand. That’s easier said than done because the reality is many industries don’t have interesting stories. It doesn’t make them bad. It’s just the reality of things.

If you’re looking to tell a story through your content marketing, video games are a great place to start. They, too, have to tell a story. It’s not uncommon for them to provide an interesting and intriguing way to communicate a message as inspired by video games.

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5. Comics

Again, this is an out-of-the-box way of sending a message. Comics don’t necessarily have anything to do with your business, but what they teach you is how to say a lot with a little. They usually have few words, so you have to make them count.

The stories may well inspire you, but what you will learn most of all is how to say something with simplicity, which is essential within the realms of content marketing.

Inspiration Strikes Anywhere

Okay, we have visited five different ideas for finding content. We have tried to opt for the unconventional because you already know about reading magazines and reading the content of your competitors. The bottom line is inspiration can strike absolutely anywhere.

You should always aim to have something to write with, whether this is a phone with a notepad option or a pen and paper. That way you can note down all the great ideas you have when they surface.

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  • I have a hard time coming up with blog post ideas. I often look to see what others are doing for inspiration. I will try a few of these new ideas to see if it helps me.

  • These are really creative and out of the box ideas. I mean it’s kind of fun plus finding the contents that really matters. I will try few of these ideas and see if that works!

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