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5 Tips for Capturing More Leads on Your Blog

5 Tips for Capturing More Leads on Your Blog

Unless you simply enjoy writing and sharing your thoughts with complete strangers, the purpose of your blog is about much more than publishing words on the internet. In all likelihood, the primary goal of your blog is to generate some sort of return. In most cases, this means capturing leads and then cashing in on this equity in some monetizable way.

If you don’t feel like you’re doing an adequate job of capturing leads on your blog, then something is missing. Let’s peel back the layers and look at some of the top tips and best practices for capturing more leads.

1. Try Overlay Opt-In Forms

One of the most popular strategies for capturing leads involves the use of opt-in forms that pop-up and overlay your blog. Sometimes these opt-in forms are prompted when the user exhibits symptoms of exiting the page. In this case, the opt-in form gives you one last chance to capture the lead.

“If you want to see your visitors return, you must give them reasons to do so,” explains Green Residential, a property management company that often works with clients on marketing. “A great way to get return visitors is to use pop-up subscription forms that urge guests to subscribe to your blog or a newsletter. Through these publications, you can offer useful information and tips that will show readers the value you can offer.”

2. Push Premium Content

In addition to the free content you offer on your blog, you should also present visitors with premium content options. These premium options come in the form of downloadable eBooks, white papers, or templates. In order for users to access this content, they must provide you with basic information like name and email address. You may be surprised by just how effective premium content can be

3. Construct Killer CTAs

Regardless of how short or long a blog post is, there should always be a direct and relevant call-to-action at the end. Summarize what the article is about and how it relates to your value proposition. Remind readers that you can solve their pain points and tell them exactly which steps to follow. A single CTA may not get someone to follow through, but repetitive emphasis on the same call can eventually encourage regular readers to take action.

4. Make it Easy to Share Your Content

As you know, modern day blogging success isn’t rooted in SEO. While SEO certainly plays a role, most of your traffic will come from social media. This means you need a robust sharing strategy that focuses on referral traffic.

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to the shareability of your content, but start with focusing on implementing clean and simple sharing buttons. Next, make sure you’re creating headlines that are conducive to sharing. As soon as you make these things priorities, you’ll see some direct returns on your investment.

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5. Be Consistent

Finally, you need to be consistent. If you’re only posting one blog post per week, it’s going to be pretty difficult for you to attract leads. You need to post meaningful content on a regular basis. Depending on the age of your blog, your readership, and the industry you’re in, this may mean just a couple of times per week – or as much as three or four times per day. Identify the appropriate number and stick to it.

Make Your Blog Worth Your Time

If your blog isn’t producing any type of monetizable leads, then you certainly aren’t maximizing the value of your content. You may even be wasting your time. Instead of glossing over your blog, you need to invest in better lead capture strategies. This article references a few, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box. You know your audience best and should be able to identify and implement a few high-returning tactics.

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