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5 Tips to Make a Video That Will Help Your Blog Stand Out

5 Tips to Make a Video That Will Help Your Blog Stand Out

These days, there are tons of blogs for almost any topic you can think of. What sets one blog apart from another is how connects with the intended audience.

Did you know that adding video to your blog can make that connection much more effective?

tips to make a video

Consider the fact that in a recent report put out by Video Statistics: The Marketer’s Summary 2014, 93% of marketers use video for online marketing, sales, or communication. They also report that in December 2013, Americans watched 52.4 billion online videos. People are drawn to video, and when done right, video can set your blog apart, increase traffic, boost SEO and create loyal viewers.

There are a various types of videos you can create, depending on the topic and purpose of your blog. You can show entertaining videos, success stories, customer testimonials, product demonstrations, or training.

Your videos can be complex and high end, or they can be simple do it yourself projects. Here are a few things video can do to set your blog apart. Video can:

  • Pull in traffic with a video that goes viral.
  • Make an otherwise dull topic exciting by using humor, appealing visuals, etc.
  • Turn a difficult topic into something easily understood.
  • Allow the viewer to know you, your staff or your spokesperson in a personal way.

By the way, if you’re considering using humor in your video, I’d suggest you check out this article called “Humor in Video Marketing – Good or Bad Idea” before you choose to that strategy. It can be tricky!

For this article, let’s discuss how to make an effective DIY video.

Here’s one example. Suppose you review products on your blog. By adding a video of you or someone on your team discussing, using and demonstrating the product, you’ve just made your review far easier to understand, more engaging, and much more helpful to the viewer.

Assuming you do a good job, if you do a lot of these videos, you have the chance to become trusted and recognized as an expert. This can increase viewer numbers and loyalty.

tips to make a video

Here are 5 Tips for making a Video that Will Help Your DYI Video Blog Stand Out.

  1. Work on your video content.

Just like a regular blog, video content is key. Make a list of the key points you want to address in your video. Organize them in a logical way so that the first point will lead to the next point and so on. This keeps the audience engaged.

I belong to Toastmasters, where we often have to prepare a speech and deliver it. Most Toastmasters prepare their speech with a beginning, middle and an end. One strategy is to prepare the end first. This way you can be sure that you’ve prepared a presentation with an ending that the viewers will remember. Often this can be a call to action.

Next work on the beginning, and tell the viewers what they’re about to see and experience. Then work on the meat of your presentation, the middle part. Focus on one theme and keep it simple. Consider using anecdotes or a story to draw the audience in.

  1. Be personable!

The goal here is to engage the audience and have them trust you. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake. You can always record it again until you’re happy with the result.

Pretend that you’re just talking to a good friend. Practice your presentation ahead of time, so you’ll be comfortable once you start recording.

Here are some strategies to be sure you appear personable:

  • Always make great eye contact with the camera.
  • Look right into the lens, smile, be comfortable and let it rip!
  • Use warm, welcoming expressions.
  • Pretend that you’re having a good time. This will allow your audience to have a good time, and be more open to what you’re saying.
  1. Use good video equipment.

The key pieces of equipment you’ll need are a HD camera and tripod, some lighting instruments, and a microphone – preferably a clip-on.

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Opinions vary on how quality impacts a good video blog. In my opinion, viewers do not notice good quality, but they sure notice bad quality. When’s the last time you watched television and exclaimed “Wow… that picture sure looks clear and focused”, or “That audio sounds perfect”. Probably never.

Now what about the time when the picture or sound was so distorted, that you actually thought something was wrong with your television? You noticed the poor quality. That’s why you need clear images and crisp audio in your video. If they can’t see or hear what you’re saying clearly, they’ll bounce right off the page.

Also, good lighting allows the viewer to see your eyes as you make eye contact with them. Again it’s all about connecting with your blogs’ audience.

This being said, if your blog is related to your business, I strongly suggest that you consider hiring a professional video person. They have the equipment and know-how to make you look your best. Viewers will make an association between the quality of the video and the quality of your products and services. If the video quality is not professional, it’s my belief that your viewers will see your business as less than professional.

  1. Use variety in your presentation. 

Here are some ways to make your video more appealing, engaging and effective:

  • Try raising and lowering your voice from time to time. This will keep your viewers alert. Do this occasionally, but don’t overuse it. It should seem natural.
  • Try talking at a varying pace.
  • Articulate your words. Don’t overdo it, but be sure you’re easily understood.
  • Speak with passion and confidence. This will boost your credibility.
  1. Use Visuals.

Take advantage of the fact that this is video, and make it more than just an on-screen talking head or PowerPoint presentation. Here are some ways you can do that:

  • If you have access to editing software, consider editing in images or other video footage. There are a lot of inexpensive images and video clips available on-line.
  • Demonstrate a product, or show how to do a task. Make it interesting. Have fun!

If you follow these 5 tips, you’ll be on your way to creating a successful video for your blog that your viewers will enjoy. In fact if it’s done right, they’ll eagerly await your next video! Good luck and happy blogging!

Author Bio: Greg Ball is the president of Ball Media Innovations, Inc., a full service video production and post-production company specializing in video production for business, marketing, public relations, training, and live conferences, trade shows, meetings and conventions. They also specialize in film and video translation.

The company headquarters is in the Miami – Fort Lauderdale area, with crews in South Florida and the Orlando area, as well as throughout the USA. Visit the website at, and join Greg on LinkedIn and Facebook. You can reach him at 954-432-1274 or 866-570-8612.

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