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5 Ways to Serve Up a Tastier Food Blog to Your Audience

5 Ways to Serve Up a Tastier Food Blog to Your Audience

5 Ways to Serve Up a Tastier Food Blog to Your Audience

Food blogging has mushroomed in recent years so nowadays readers have more choice than ever. While everyone loves food, no one likes seeing similar types of blogs, much like no one likes eating the same thing every day. If you want your food blog to succeed, it needs to have to define features to distinguish itself from countless others on the web. Here are several simple ways that you can use to spice up your food blog and retain readers:

1. Choose a Food-Based Web Theme

Do choose a design and theme that showcases your food in the best way possible. Instead of choosing a rather generic web theme, pick a web theme optimized for blogging, particularly food blogging. Such themes usually highlight images and have easy to read fonts. Choosing a particular theme is essential for ensuring that your blog is optimized for foodie enthusiasts. You can experiment with several themes before settling down on the one that readers like the best.

2. Use Hi-Res Pictures of Featured Food

Here’s the dirty secret of the most successful food blogs: eye-popping images. Let’s face it. Food blog followers largely visit the sites to look at mouthwatering pictures of food. Most don’t stay to read long descriptions of the food. Also, photos are perfect for attracting people who are not foodies either. Everyone loved eating. A high-res photograph of a cake or a plate of spaghetti is usually enough to generate attention in what your blog does. Therefore, use only good-quality pictures, and make sure they are substantially large and attention grabbing.

3. Use Instagram

Instagram is the best social media platform for food bloggers. Most photos on Instagram are about people posting what they eat. Food pictures garner a lot of attention on this platform. Using the right hashtags, and then linking your post to your blog is a great way to drive traffic from Instagram to your blog. In the beginning, you can artificially boost your Instagram views to make users pay attention to your feed. The more views you have, the more people will be interested in your blog.

4. Publish Videos

Images are not the only form of content for food blogs. Video is also a imperative form of content that drives enormous amounts of traffic. A video done right also has the potential to go viral. So, create YouTube videos as you prepare your dishes and share them on your blog. You can drive traffic from the popular video website to your blog and attract new readers. Make sure videos are kept short. Otherwise, they will take a long time to load. Once in a while post longer videos for detailed recipes.

5. Publish Helpful How-To Content

The most loyal readers you have will be foodies and cooks who want to try making what you publish at home. So, prepare useful how-to guides for cooking for your readers. The idea of the post is to provide value to your audience through the food you prepare. Do not restrict the content on your blog to pictures and recipes.

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Try one or two of the following, and your blog’s audience should swell in a matter of weeks.

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