5 Ways to Successfully Sell Products on Your Blog

There are multiple ways to earn revenue as a blogger, and selling products is one of them. Whether you develop your own products or get them from a supplier, you can make a pretty penny off your blog and help to further the reach of your posts. However, this is very much like starting a business, and it’s not going to be an easy journey.

Once you’ve set up a strong blogging foundation and have a decent readership, selling products on your blog gets easier. Before you know it, you could be making $5,000 per month…or even $30,000 per month! All you need is a great product, a good blogging foundation, and a lot of dedication. If you’re interested in selling products on your blog, here are some things you should do.

1. Research What Sells

You must have a great product if you want it to sell, and it has to be in line with current trends. That doesn’t mean you have to sell what everyone else is selling, though. It’s difficult to sell the exact same thing as someone else, but you do need to sell items that complement what everyone else is selling. Trends move quickly in the fast-paced, web-run world, and only those who keep up will be able to move product.

2. Diversify Your Products

Your products shouldn’t all be of the same mold. If you want to widen your target audience and get more targeted buyers to make purchases, you’ll need a good range of products to choose from.

Remember that the term “product” can refer to a variety of things. T-shirts or home décor items are obviously products, but webinars or white papers can also be considered products. You’re still delivering something of value in exchange for payment, which makes it a product in terms of blogging. Research different product ideas and use a variety in your blog to keep your readers and customers on their toes.

3. Consider Affiliate Products to Boost Customer Numbers

Sometimes you can feature a well-known product on your blog that fits your niche audience and that you like. For example, if you’re talking about beauty products in your weekly post, you might make a deal with the manufacturer of the product and offer a special coupon. From there, you’ll collect not only an increased readership, but also some of the cash from those who make a purchase with your coupon code. It’s a great way to boost customer numbers and get new customers from your affiliate’s readership.

4. Post Elite Coupons and Offers

Some bloggers don’t like to use coupons because they believe they lose money that way, but for those struggling to get their products moving, special offers and discounts are the perfect way to reward your loyal readers and encourage return purchases.

5. Be Authentic in Advertising

Whatever you do, don’t try to trick people into clicking on links. This could easily lose you future customers and readers. Be very clear and upfront in your advertisements, and avoid presenting your offer in a way that might mislead the customer.

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Ultimately, you want to get readers to make purchases because they see the value for themselves, not because you baited them into clicking on a link. Linking advertisements to stories and fun social media posts is a great way to keep the advertising friendly, genuine, and move more product.

Aside from these efforts, you’ll need a solid readership and dedication to reach your sales goals. It may take awhile, but there’s no reason that you shouldn’t be able to join the ranks of bloggers who make hundreds of thousands per year.

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  • My girlfriend loves buying home decor that people have made. There are some pretty interesting things she follows and buys. I think it makes our home one of a kind. It is also fun to have home decor that people made themselves.

  • Offer special coupon or discounts is really effective way to attract customers and makes your buyer to buy again.
    Everybody loves discounts. ;-)

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