5 Ways to Use Your Smartphone to Build a Better Blog

Becoming a successful blogger means that you have the ability to work from basically anywhere. However, this is only true for those who take full advantage of their smartphones. Impressively, if you know a few tips and tricks, you can run your entire blog from your phone.

Blogging from your phone, however, is only an intelligent move if you make the most of your resources. For starters, you don’t need a fancy, top-of-the-line phone to do the job. In fact, going with the latest version of any phone for the purpose of blogging could significantly damage your return on investment. Choosing a simple, used smartphone with a good data connection and access to a wide variety of mobile apps is all you need.

Once you have your phone, all you need are the right tools and some knowledge, and you can create an excellent blog.

Here are some suggestions that may prove useful:

1. Micro Blog

More and more bloggers are finding that the majority of their readers engage with their posts via mobile devices. This is good news for bloggers, since when bloggers use mobile devices to access posts, they’re usually looking for just small chunks of text to read. That means bloggers can reach a wider audience with bite-sized bits of content designed for mobile use that supplements their regular full-length posts.

The most important thing in a blog is to communicate daily. It’s true that longer blog posts tend to perform better on the whole than small bits of information, but micro-blogging is growing in popularity, and when combined with social media, it’s a big hit.

2. Use Mobile Apps

Apps are essential for running a great blog on your mobile device, and there are hundreds available. When you need to update your blog, track analytics, post photos, link to social media, or perform any number of small changes to your blog, using a mobile app can help ease the process.

Most bloggers recommend using the following types of apps:

  • Blogging Platform Apps: Whether you use WordPress, Blogger, or another platform, having the app downloaded on your phone should be your first step when mobile blogging.
  • Text Editor: To make sure you don’t lose your work inside your blogging app platform, it’s recommended that you use a text editor app like Google Docs, which instantly saves your work as you type.
  • Photo Editing: Most of your photos will be taken with a professional camera and edited on a computer, but when you want to snap a quick photo on your phone, a good photo editor like Pixlr Express can make your life easier.
  • Social Networking: Have various social apps downloaded on your phone, including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and any other relevant network. You might also choose to use an app like Buffer, which controls all of your social networks within one platform.
  • Analytics: You have to know how your blogs are performing daily, and traffic and data analysis apps like Google Analytics will tell you everything you need to know.

3. Find a Good Text Editor

As mentioned previously, a good text editor is essential for running a good blog through your phone. You can always compose your blog posts in the blogging platform app, but these apps aren’t notorious for having great text editors. They’re more focused on the function of the blog itself than the text editor, which means it can have glitches in essential functions, like backing up your post or running spell check.

A good text editor app, such as Google Docs, Sublime Text, Notepad, and Vim allow you to write and edit text without risking lost work. Many of these apps also offer coding capabilities, which allow more web design-savvy bloggers to publish their posts on their custom websites.

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4. Send Posts Via Email

An up and coming form of blogging is email blogging. Essentially, bloggers collect emails from their readers and send an occasional blog post through email. This offers an exclusive look to subscribers on your latest posts. Most people check their email on their phones daily, so they’re more than likely to see it via email than through your blog.

If you use WordPress, you can also adjust your email settings so that it automatically posts to your blog. The platform offers a unique address that can be used to type a blog post through your email and have it publish on your blog. This can be useful, since email offers many of the spell check and draft-saving features of a text editor, and it’s easy to access on your mobile device.

5. Use Mobile-Optimized Photos

All of these tips are great for posting text to your blog, but as you well know, if you don’t have photos, your post won’t perform well. As a general rule of thumb, your photos must be optimized for mobile use before posting through your phone.

Many bloggers employ the use of photo portfolio sites like Flickr. This photo-sharing site will automatically resize and optimize your photos for responsive use, so when you publish a blog post through your email or your blogging platform app, the photos won’t have any problem transitioning from small screen to large and vice versa.

Blogging almost entirely through your mobile device once seemed impossible, but now, it’s a simple process. As long as you have the right tools, you can work effectively from anywhere without the hassle of a larger device.

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  • This is very good and something I have started to do. Certainly providing quality content that people can read easily on their phones is the way forward. While waiting for the children to finish their swimming lessons or drama club, I hop on my phone and continue to create content and build my blog.

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