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5 Of The World’s Greatest Marketing Blog Posts And What We Can Learn From Them

5 Of The World’s Greatest Marketing Blog Posts And What We Can Learn From Them

I think we can all agree that online marketing bloggers – due to the very nature of the topic they specialize in – more than any other bloggers (in general) know almost exactly what blog posts need in order to rock. It’s the marketing blog posts we turn to when we need help to be better bloggers.

Which is why this article presents the world’s greatest marketing blog posts, because out of all the blog posts on the Internet, they are the ones that have to be epic. They are our teachers.

And so, the search was on. Which blog posts would prove to be some of the world’s greatest marketing content in the world?

The task was easiest to do when put into topic categories, so the five categories chosen, are some of the top organic marketing methods blogged about:

1. Creating money making blogs – awarded to
2. Social media tools – awarded to
3. Landing page optimization – awarded to
4. Conversion rate optimization – awarded to
5. Email marketing – awarded to

Qualifying and analytical factors included:

  • Exact search term in the blog post heading
  • Analysis of Google search ranking
  • Highest shares for search term on Buzzsumo
  • Had to be a blog post
  • Date of publication
  • Editor’s choice of content

What made these awarded blog posts the pick of the bunch, and what can we as bloggers learn from them?

Topic #1: Creating money making blogs

Link to blog post:

The data:

Published on 1 July 2016, it’s ranked on the first page of Google search results, and already has 1.6K shares.


Summary of blog post content:

A step-by-step, in-depth guide to creating a WordPress money making blog. The post is comprehensive, with screenshots and images making it easy to follow and understand. Even the most inexperienced blogger will grasp the information.

Although not every blogger can also be a pro online marketer, by reading this post you’ll get an excellent idea of what makes a blog or website work like dynamite, to bring in as much of the right traffic as possible.

Topic #2: Social media tools

Link to blog post:

44 Social Media Tools Recommended by the Pros

The data:

Published on 16 November 2015, it’s ranked on the first page of Google search results, and has 7.2K shares.


Summary of blog post content:

There are so many social media tools available, but how do you select the right ones for your blogging business?

This blog post gives a summary of 44 tools that are recommended by experts, with a brief explanation of what the tool does. Reading is made easier by certain text being highlighted, so you can easily skim through the content.

Topic #3: Landing page optimization

Link to blog post:

The data:

Published on 5 April 2016, it’s not yet ranked on the first page of Google search results. It has the second highest amount of shares (1.7K) on Buzzsumo, and will likely overtake the blog post that’s currently in first position, but which was published the year before this one, giving it more time to be shared.


Summary of blog post content:

It is written exceptionally well and is easy to understand because of the analogies the writer makes between heaven and hell. It’s a 7,000+ word intense guide with 93 real-world examples and formulas that make the concepts easy to grasp.

It’s a blog post that provides exceptional value to the reader who is keen to learn about what makes landing pages effective.

Topic #4: Conversion rate optimization

Link to blog post:

The data:

Published on 28 July 2016, it’s not yet ranked on the first page of Google search results. It has the highest amount of shares (6.4K) on Buzzsumo for the keyword.

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Summary of blog post content:

This blog post is epic. It’s written by the same author who wrote the blog post for Klientboost (Aaron Orendorff). True to style, the writer uses presidential marketing campaigns to enlighten the reader, which makes the concepts easier to understand.

Screenshots of campaign elements are used, with color coded boxes to show what is good and what is bad. And then just to top it all off, 18 CRO experts give their input as to what we can learn from a marketing perspective, about presidential campaigns, according to the color coded “good and bad” boxes.

Topic #5: Email marketing

Link to blog post:

The data:

Published on 9 December 2015, it’s ranked on the first page of Google search results. It has been shared 6.7K times.


Summary of blog post content:

An ultimate 15 000+ guide written specifically for retailers about email marketing, although anyone reading it will benefit. This guide shows you how to create an email marketing plan that gets results.

Written simply, it is easy to understand and provides plenty of images and screenshots to support the lessons.

A the end of it, you’ll understand exactly what you need to do to create an effective, high converting email marketing plan for your ecommerce business.

In summary

Most of the best Internet content in the world, will always come from marketing sites of some type, because these bloggers are well acquainted with what works, and what doesn’t. Which is why they make the best teachers for the rest of us bloggers.

Tools used to identify the best content on the web were Google and Buzzsumo.

The data for each piece of content, as well as the content itself, was analyzed in order to find the top marketing blog posts in the world.

The key lessons we can learn from each of these posts is that:

  • Longer content gets shared more and ranks better in search results.
  • Guides and step-by-step “how-to’s” are popular and get shared more.
  • Supporting images and screenshots are vital.
  • Using analogies and stories helps make content easier to grasp.
  • Using the opinion of experts is always appreciated.
  • Providing value to your reader is a priority.

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  • WOW … two spots out of five. You folks must be trying to suck up or something. ;)

    No, but seriously: thanks so much! Hopefully this helps both posts get on the coveted first page of Google.

    Super competitive for the landing page optimization post … but Unbounce actually targeted “presidential marketing” for the other one and we hit page one, spot on within like 48 hours (beating out articles on Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Contently).

    I think they’re doing a post on that process soon.

    Again … HUGE thanks!

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