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6 Survivalist Blogs to Read

6 Survivalist Blogs to Read

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Content about survival has been quite a trend for the past decade. There are so many impressive survivalist blogs you need to read, if you want to join the survivalist niche. Every reader is, by some degree, interested in contents related to survival. Survivalist topics could be as light as calamity preparedness, learning how to fish and hunt, and building shelter. However, content in this niche can go to the extremes like bunker building, going off-grid, unregulated power generation, and more.

It is a very fun niche to write about, but it could really take a lot of passion and investment. With everything that is happening in the world right now, it is understandable that people would like reading about these kinds of content. Rising popularity of zombie apocalypse on media, the current pandemic, and rapidly moving climate change – a survivalist blog can be quite popular with (and interesting to) readers of varied ages.

So, if you want to write for this niche, here are some of the impressive survivalist blogs for inspiration:

The Best Survivalist Blogs

Apartment Prepper

The concept of this blog is to focus on preparedness. How can we ensure that our family is prepared and that all we need for survival is within a small confined space, like an apartment? The topics discussed in this blog is how to assemble an emergency kit, how to preserve food without a fridge, and more. Focusing on practicality is a great tip for this kind of blog. Typical readers usually live in the city and have very minimal means to store an ‘emergency stockpile’. It is important to note that planning and preparing for typical emergencies (like hurricanes, earthquakes, blizzards) are more popular for many readers.

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Of course, readers still want to learn about the extremes even just for entertainment. This blog is a great website to visit. The topics are divided into four general categories – survival, tactical gear, DIY, and prepping. Readers could go to this website and really just immerse in the topic of their choice.

Since the survivalist niche is such a vast collection of ideas and topics, it can get confusing if you are just getting into it. As a blogger, a confusing website is something we need to truly avoid. This blog could help you select a specific direction to go for within the niche.  And, it is a fun read too.

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The Survival Mom

Everyone knows that being a mom is a full-time job and worrying about emergencies can take up a lot of mental space. These kinds of mom-blogs are very popular because it focuses on providing solutions for emergency what-ifs. For instance, what do we do as parents when the grocery shelves are empty (like what happened during the start of this pandemic). Making a survival 101 manual for parents is a catchy theme. Especially now that the world is changing at such a rapid pace, parents really want to be prepared for the worst.

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Encyclopedias are essential in learning. And, usually, people read blogs to learn a thing or two about the niche. This is the concept of Survivopedia – what to do, what to find, and where to go based on certain scenarios.

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A good idea for this is to create a survival-friendly botanical encyclopedia. Why not write about flora that people can consume or use as medicine in the wild. The blog can be divided by season, by region, or by country. Or, the blog could also be divided by type of terrain – mountainous, tundra, rainforest, and even the beach. You can focus on tips on how to identify poisonous plants and herbs, how to use them, and more. Be very careful about writing this blog, make sure to do a lot of research and ALWAYS partner with an expert (preferably, a botanist) when writing about health and medicine.

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All Outdoor

This is not just a survivalist website, it is also for weapons and technology for the outdoors. More than focusing on topics on how to survive, this website discusses great things about guns and other (regulated) weapons you could keep at home. With all the gun-ban talks right now, guns may not be the greatest idea to write about. However, you could spin the topics into the direction of survival technology. For instance, you could write about which tools at home we can use for hunting, cooking, building, and more. A good take from this website is how they talk about the weapons in great detail – specifications, build, and materials.

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Urban Survival Site

A lot of people live in densely populated areas like cities and other urban settings. Writing topics about how to survive disasters in these populous areas are well sought-after. For instance, there are topics discussing how to use a mobile phone in dangerous situations and calamities. There are also discussions on important knots to learn in case of emergency. A good take from this website is how they focus on everyday people and how they could survive disasters with everyday things.

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