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7 Types of Blog Posts and When to Use Them

7 Types of Blog Posts and When to Use Them

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Keeping your blog active is no small undertaking – it can be a career in and of itself. If you want to maintain your presence, you’ll need to update regularly.  You may run into writer’s block. When you’re updating all the time in the same format, you’re bound to feel as though you’ve hit a wall eventually. Varying your content allows you to try new things, which will keep you from getting burnt out on one or two handy post formats that you would usually allow to do all the heavy lifting for you.

Change things up with these types of blog posts

1. List posts

Lists are extremely versatile. If your blog is dedicated to literary appreciation, you can provide your following with themed reading lists. If your blog is in the cooking niche, try lists of multiple ways to use the same ingredient. List posts are a great way to expand the things you can do with a single topic, especially if a general post about that topic would be short and underwhelming. They’re also helpful in the sense that they provide a resource for your readers who may be interested in a specific subject.

2. Infographics

types of blog posts

Infographics are, by far, the most interesting way to share statistics, data, or a chain of information. Since most people are visual learners, they’re more receptive when they’re presented with complex information in a format that appeals to their eyes. Infographics are ideal for the demonstration of findings, studies, or sharing the impact of cause and effect. Before you attempt to write a text post of this nature, see if it would be feasible to present it as an infographic. Great infographics tend to be shared or reblogged, so don’t forget to include your watermark or URL on the image.

3. Review posts

In the internet age, everyone relies on the reviews and testimonials of others before purchasing a product or service. Why would they risk an investment if they weren’t reasonably certain that things would work well for them?

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Instead of merely mentioning things you buy and use on your blog, consider creating a comprehensive review with relevant photos. If you’re considering posting a small blurb about something in a post where it’s relevant, you can always expand upon your condensed idea with a dedicated post.

4. Guest posts

Guest posts can be a life saver. Not only do they allow you an opportunity to take a day off by getting your content from someone else, but there are tons of ways your blog will benefit from developing the relationships that generate guest posting opportunities. Partnering up with other blogs can boost your visibility by creating better SEO. With guest posts, your readers will have the opportunity to see different perspectives, providing them with more variety. Use guests posts to break up your regular content – they’re particularly helpful when you need to devote your time to other projects and don’t have the availability to provide new original content.

5. Recurring series posts

Recurring series posts are efficient for keeping your content organized. It will remove the variety from some of your general posts if you keep content limited to certain specific themes, but you’re receiving the benefit of better organization. By featuring certain content in recurring columns, your information will be better to access. Readers will be able to find what they’re looking for by reading under the post’s specific tag. Using this method will help you separate the subjects you most enjoy, particularly if you know you can get rather wordy on the topic.

6. Video posts

video posts

When it comes to video posts, you’ll have the option of creating your own video content or sharing from someone else who’s more experienced in the art of creating it. Video you’ve created can add a personal touch to your blog, especially if your face or voice plays a major role in the video. You can connect and build trust with your readership by allowing them to put a face to the name. Video created by others is a great way to take a break, allowing someone else to do the talking for you.

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7. Curated links

Curated link collections are a favorite resource of people who love to spend time clicking around the internet. You’ll be able to share some of your favorite sites and resources related to your niche with others who share your interests. The best time to create a curated link post is when you’ve noticed you have an unreasonable amount of relevant bookmarks saved to your browser that you think you readers will find useful. Others will find value in your virtual clutter.

The majority of successful blogs use a variety of post styles to keep their readers engaged. You can’t be expected to adhere to a few types of posts forever – especially if you want your blog to thrive in an innovative, competitive environment. Pick a few styles and vary your routine. You’ll be less likely to find yourself in a slump, and your readers will be less likely to get bored.

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With a background in business administration and management, Tess Pajaron currently works at Open Colleges, Australia’s leading online educator. She likes to cover stories on careers and marketing.

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