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A Compilation of the Best Content Creation Strategies from 43 Experts

A Compilation of the Best Content Creation Strategies from 43 Experts

A Compilation of the Best Content Creation Strategies from 39 Experts

Writing blog content can never be reduced to an exact science. There are just so many ways that you can express a thought or idea in word that there are also many ways to approach the actual writing of it.

At the very time, the fluidity of writing as a task is what makes it appealing to some. Whether it’s developing a rigid structure to help you write content or just letting the creative juices flow, it simply shows how writing in itself can never be tamed.

As an online business looking to shore up its content, you cannot let writing get the best of you. Since content creation is crucial in building your influence in the market, so more people will buy your products and services, you or your team of writers should approach content creation with complete dedication to the craft.

Below are expert advice from some of the top professionals in their respective fields with a thing or two to say about writing useful content.

1. David Mercer

Author, SME Pals

david mercer

Identify a list of target influencers who have great reach and the right audience for your business. Then, find out what products and services they offer (many influencers have their own books, for example). Monitor the sales and price performance of their books or products online and received alerts when they experience changes in pricing and sales (using an accurate hourly Amazon sales & price tracker, which has easily shareable charts and stats). Sharing the good news about how well people’s books are selling is a great way to establish a relationship with them (and their audience).

It works particularly well on Twitter because influencers readily monitor mentions of themselves on that platform. Twitter is also succinct and makes it easy to share attractive sales and price charts, making it a very compelling, bite-sized read. Basically, you are offering them a shareable way to promote themselves – which is what everyone, even established influencers, is after. This works to your benefit because you create goodwill and build a relationship with them quickly.

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2. Promise Excel


Before ever employing the best content creation strategy out there, the first thing to do is to know and understand your audience. The best content in the world would make no sense to the wrong audience. So, it is your responsibility to know your audience inside out.

Every content you create should be about them. This means you should consider their likes, fears, aspirations, dreams, desires, and frustrations. This way, whenever you sit to create content for them, they’d feel like you know them personally.

To help you know your audience, ask yourself, “who is my ideal blog reader”?

Now, this is how I create my content

I’d write out my title/headline. Then, I’ll copy that exact title and paste into a search engine like Google.

I’d read the three best articles on that title to see what has been said already and what has not been mentioned. I’d also copy out some smart lines/quotes from these articles to add more substance to the content I want to create.

Of course, I’ll cite the writers in my content.

Depending on the importance of the content, I sometimes do watch videos and listen to one or two podcasts on that same topic.

I sometimes visit forums and Facebook groups to see where this title has been discussed to know what people really think about it.

After this research phase, I divide my content into 8 phases which are:

  1. title
  2. introduction/hook,
  3. body – personal anecdote (stories/experiences if any)
  4. The main point
  5. Objective statement
  6. Rationale
  7. conclusion
  8. and a question or challenge to my audience

This is the strategy I use all the time whenever I’m creating content for my blog, social media or newsletter.

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3. Anand Srinivasan

Founder, Hubbion

anand srinivasanEach piece of content you write must help you achieve one of the following objectives – gain backlinks, earn social media shares or help with conversion. Once you know the objective of your article, you will know what to write. For instance, if you are targeting backlinks, then your content could include a bunch of several stats and research studies in your industry. A listicle is a good example of content targeting social media sharing while one targeted at conversion should talk about your product and drive the customer towards the sales page.

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4. Kraig Kowalski

Owner, Travel Gear Addict

Kraig KowalskiTo get great content creation be sure to read your audience’s comments and interact with them, send emails out to your subscribers to get feedback and see what topics of discussion are hot with groups of people in forums related to your blog. I find forums to be the best as there is never a lack of content to create based off of other people’s discussions.

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5. Ronnie Epsi

Blogger, Home Life Abroad

Ronnie EpsiIf you’re out of ideas for topics, use a topic generator to get your brainstorming juices flowing. Click and explore until you find an interesting topic or title.

These are some of my favorite topic generators:

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Minuca Elena6. Minuca Elena

Roundup expert

Find out what are your readers’ most pressing problems. Read the comments they leave on your blog and on social media, send them a survey on email and also do keyword research.  Then write in-depth content on those topics.  Your posts must help them fix a problem that they have and also guide them to reach their goals.

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7. Marius Kiniulis

Blogger, MarkinBlog

marius kinuilisMy #1 tactic when creating content is that I’m always trying to visualize my content as much as possible.

For example, when I’m writing blog posts for my blog I’m always using lots of screenshots and images to make those posts look more attractive. Some good examples are my blogger outreach and Mailerlite review articles.

As you can see, there are lots of images and other visual elements that make posts to look way more attractive and engaging.

Also, I’m always trying to create my own personal screenshots and images (I’m using Canva for it) for my blog posts. This not only makes them unique but also provides more value to the blog posts and helps to get better attention from my visitors.

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Derek Iwasiuk8. Derek Iwasiuk

SEO Specialist

Using Content Explorer in tools such as Ahrefs to find similar content that has proven to produce a high number of not just social shares but organic results and natural backlinks and looking for content gaps or a way to create a piece that will bring people back not just once but numerous times. Being viral isn’t enough these days, short bursts of traffic are great but evergreen long form content ranking for entire keyword sets is what I go after.

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9. Nora Conrad

nora conradThere are days or even weeks when I just cannot find the inspiration to write. So, whenever I do get the urge to create, I create all day. I’ve canceled plans to write five or six blog posts in a single afternoon. Then I use CoSchedule to prep-schedule all my content and fill up those dry weeks. I also pre-plan a year’s worth of content every winter, so that I don’t have to worry about creating graphics or templates during the year, that’s all done ahead of time.

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10. Praveen Verma

Social media expert, AmplifyBlog

PraveenOne of those things about multi-author blogs is that you get a lot of different perspectives. Same way, when you write an article and multiple authors contribute to it – the article becomes a lot more resourceful and actionable. Everyone gain new tips and ideas.

As a blogger, writing an article like that has many benefits:

1) You get many contributions, so there’s plenty of perspectives in that article.

2) Since so many people contribute and each of them has years of experience, plenty of actionable and useful tips comes out of it.

3) The article gets a lot of shares because of everyone and their friends who have contributed to the article, shares it heavily.

4) Everyone wins – The reader, the contributors and most of all the blogger who hosts a high-quality roundup like this which gets shared by so many experts and influencers.

Crowd Sourcing has been working on so many niches already, crowd funding can be one of the best examples where the crowd truly unites to make a big difference. Here, the same concept works with a twist where experts contribute, they share, and everyone shares the benefits.

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11. Ashley Faulkes

Blogger, Mad Lemming

Ashley Faulkes

Content in 2017 has to be better than everyone else’s.

To impress people. To get shared. To rank. Or to get links.

So, what do I do to make sure to kick ass every time I create content…analyse the competition.

If you are aiming to rank for something, go above and beyond. More detail, well structured, easy to read, with lots of images, videos, links, etc.

Find an infographic or make one. Look on Youtube for relevant videos (or make them) as not everyone wants to read.

Slideshare also.

And then make it sexy as hell. I use Thrive Content Builder (and make sure to stick to my company styles and colors). That way my posts and pages look great without having to be a coder.

So, next time you want to write a blog post that is the same as everyone else’s – STOP. The Internet does not need another average blog post.

Write just one AWESOME post a month instead. You will get more shares, more likes, more links and possibly even ranked higher in Google as a result.

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12. Louise Myers

Graphic Designer and Social Media Specialist

louisa myersThe biggest lesson I’ve learned in my 5+ years of having a successful, high-traffic blog, is that I need to plan my content with a purpose! That purpose isn’t just to write about things that interest me, or even to bring in more traffic, or please my audience. To stay in business, I need to publish content that leads readers to become subscribers and eventually customers. Otherwise, I’ve just got a very time-consuming hobby. ;)

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Steven Watts13. Steven Watts

Founder, Newt Labs

I write eye-catching headlines using tools like Buzzsumo, I find out what questions my target audience is asking via sites like Quora and tools like FreshKey and Google Keyword Tool.


Something I’ve started doing recently is to look for ideas in the comments section of my site and other well established blogs within my industry to see if I can answer readers questions via a blog article for the more loyal fan base and shareable content.

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14. Joshua Ballard

SEO Expert, Paradox Marketing

joshua ballardI prefer to approach content with thorough keyword research having already been completed. I then take a mid-tail keyword, not too competitive but still useful, and then build out a series of long tail Posts that complement the central post. These can be tangents, extensions, and clarifications to name a few.

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Mike Brantner15. Chris Brantner


We all know the importance of competitor analysis, but there’s a feature in the Ahrefs SEO tool that takes this to another level. Their Content Gap tool lets you compare your site side-by-side with up to 3 competitors to provide you with clear data on which keywords and topics they’re ranking for and getting traffic from that you don’t yet have content for on your website. I’ve used this on my websites to generate hundreds of article ideas. Literally, I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise, and it’s helped drive a ton of organic search traffic to these evergreen articles.

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16. Raelyn Tan


raelyn tanI write outlines before diving into the full post.

When I start creating content with an outline, it is easier for me to “get into the zone” of writing. Completing the easier task of writing an outline gives me a sense of achievement, which translates into more motivation to write the entire article. It also ensures that I don’t miss out on any crucial pointers later on.

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17. Shantanu Sinha

Blogger, Temok

ShantanuAdd visual elements like Infographic or Images with catchy text in them. Infographics can be expensive, and you can’t do that on every post – but you can surely hire a designer and get some attractive images created and edited for your posts. Using tools like Canva makes this process even simpler.

Once you have graphics in your content, you can share your content on sites like Visually, Pinterest, SlideShare, etc. You can then embed that slide right into your post and get visitors to your site to read and check out further on SlideShare.

On social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. which does not really specialize on Graphics, content that does have graphics works better than just simply text. There is simple no reason not to go for good graphics for your posts.

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18. Emily Magallanes

Content Marketing Specialist, Lucid Software Inc.

Emily MagallanesOne of the most successful things we’ve ever done for our blog hosted a company-wide blogging competition. The grand prize went to the author whose post received the most views within a week of publication. With about 35 blog posts, we multiplied our average weekly views by seven during the competition and have continued to receive three times as many weekly views as we did before the competition. When your entire company is invested in the blog, magical things can happen.

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19. Moosa Hemani

SEO Specialist

Moosa HemaniNumber one advice to anyone creating content and wanted to get audience attention is to keep it simple, meaningful and detailed.

Simple: stop using uncommon industry jargons unless it’s needed and keep the copy simple so that even the one new to the industry can understand and share his views accordingly.

Meaningful: This is one of the biggest problems I see people face today. Some amazing writers write error free content that offers nothing new or actionable stuff. Let’s say if you are writing about link building engage your company’s link builder and write the post in coordination with him and make sure the content you are publishing on your blog is actionable and can immediately give new ideas to target readers.

Detailed: The more detailed your content will be, the more people will find it easy to understand and get benefit from it. Once they get the benefit, there are chances that they will at least share your content with their circles.

If you are going to keep your posts simple, actionable/meaningful and detailed chances are you will be able to increase your overall reach and increase the branding for your brand.

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20. Rachel Di Martino

Owner, Geek Unicorn

rachel di martinoListen to the questions related to your industry that is frequently asked by clients and people in your network. Then build blog posts around solutions to those issues. You’re guaranteed interested readers because you already know this is something people want to know more about.

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21. Gill Andrews

Content creator and web consultant

gill andrewsI create every single blog post with one specific goal in mind I want it to accomplish.
3000+ in-depth posts as lead magnets, posts with original data and/or infographics as linkable assets, posts with multiple shareable images and tweetable quotes to increase the numbers of shares.

Every post has only one call to action – for example, “Download website checklist,” “Embed this infographic on your website,” “Share this with your friends” -, and for the posts with lead magnets, I even hide the side bar to eliminate distractions.

Because my posts target specific long-tail keywords, as soon as they start to rank, they start working for me without any promotion.

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22. Graeme Watt

Digital marketing executive, The Zen Agency

Graeme WattPeople are now wise to sales posts and are more interested in receiving value from content. As a result, a great way to come up with content for your blog is to find out the kind of questions your audience is asking and create specific content around answering these questions.

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23. Steve Wiideman

SEO Expert

Steve WildemanCreating content for any blog is simple, provided your writers understand the difference between a time-relevant blog post and an evergreen article that belongs in a section of the website that won’t appear with a date next to it within Google search results 5-10 years from now. For us, we write about what’s happening NOW in our industry, what’s happening NOW with our business, and what interesting things can we share that will be less relevant to users 5-10 years from now as it would be TODAY.

Once that differentiation has been made and understood, create a calendar that includes specific themes or campaigns that users will come to expect and will subscribe to in hopes to see more of it. In 2010, I created a template that many businesses have incorporated into their blog and overall content marketing strategy. It can be found here: . Other tools I see our clients using to come up with topics are called “blog topic generators” and are plentiful in Google search results.

One final tip provided the blogger understands the evergreen concept I mentioned, would be around keyword tools that provided question-based ideas. Our favorite is, an affordable and data-enhanced alternative to the free tool many marketers have been drawing ideas from recently.

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Louie Luc24. Louie Luc

Blogger, Buzz Nitrous

Creating content can be tough at first, and a lot of questions and doubts will definitely arise in your mind. That’s why you need to have a content strategy that clearly sets out how to structure your content and its purpose, avoid risks and implement SEO and formatting best practices.

My effective content strategy template breaks content production into three smaller bits: site architecture, editorial schedule, and content sourcing. First of all, I define a vision and objective for my website to better understand what kind of content I (or my team of writers) need to produce (content sourcing) and where to focus my keyword research. Then, I create content silos where there are the main pillar article and several related secondary articles. Finally, I plan out when to write and publish my articles on my content calendar (editorial schedule) and where to place them on my website (site architecture).

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25. Sathish Arumugam

Blogger, Traffic Crow


I take nearly twice the amount of time researching the content than writing them. It actually makes me Craft the best content for the people around the globe. I refer personal Facebook Comment, Quora Answers, Youtube CC, Forums, Ask the real people offline, Conduct a Poll & more for building a perfect Blog Content.

I seriously follow AIDA concept for my blog post. AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire & Action. I craft the content by grabbing the attention of the blog visitor, make my content looks interesting, make the visitor desire on the particular topic and make them take action.

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26. Donna Duncan

Digital marketing expert

Donna DuncanSuccessful websites are well architected, easy to find and use, content rich, and engaging. They earn exposure, backlinks and social mentions by providing free and valuable content that satisfies the most pressing information wants and needs of their intended audiences.

It is not easy to stand out in an ever-expanding ocean of competitive data. Large audiences are drowning as they scramble aboard the few lifeboats of useful information.

It is not easy, but also not impossible.

A well-conceived content strategy lays out recommendations and a high-level plan for assembling a lifeboat by:

  • characterizing your unique audience(s);
  • recognizing their most urgent and important information wants and needs;
  • specifying what is currently available and how well it is currently being received in the marketplace;
  • highlighting gaps and opportunities; and
  • laying out a plan to close gaps, take advantage of opportunities, and earn engagement, exposure, backlinks, and social shares.

The solution may involve revisiting your business model and website; creating and internalizing repeatable processes for content creation, promotion, reuse, and measurement; and assigning new or expanded roles and responsibilities. The rewards, if you can be patient, are bountiful and include making your brand stronger and improving the dialogue and relationship you have with prospects and customers.

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27. Mike Khorev

SEO Expert

Mike Khorev

Here are the steps to find trending topic and write content that will drive traffic and engagement up:

  • Go on Quora and find the most popular questions with many answers and upvoters. Make sure top answers on the page have at least 100 upvotes as it shows the level of interest in the topic.
  • Do a keyword research on a Google Keyword Planner Tool (or any other tool like ahrefs or semrush) to see if the content you are going to write has a potential of bringing you organic search traffic. Adjust the title and outline to target keywords with decent monthly search traffic.
  • Write in-depth, long-form content that brings unique value and look at the things from different perspective.

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28. Suraj Kumar

Social media specialist, MyUK Mailbox

Suraj KumarContent has many benefits, some of those include getting social shares and links. Targeting influencers by mentioning them has always been a great idea – if you link to them, most of them will respond back with either link, social shares or just a thank you. All of it helps.

To take the full benefits of this method – contact the influencers first and let them know about the article that you are planning to write. Then, ask them if they want to give a quote or a related link that you can include in your article. This way you will generate the influencer’s interest long before the article has been published.

This strategy has been working well for me because this way the influencer can ask for a link in the way he wants, instead of just being grateful for a link that you have placed the way you thought best.

Influencers are busy people but they know the value of links – they will, in most cases, share your content and even link to it.

See Also
Content Pruning

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29. Nirmala Santhakumar

Blogger, WP Glossy


Before start creating any content for my blog, I always have the target audience in my mind. I make the list of keywords based on their search terms (Specifically 4-5 Long Tail Keywords). Through keyword research, I can deeply understand their requirements and will provide in-depth information so that they never skip my blog content and searching the related information somewhere else on the web.

So, here is my content tactic!

Relevant Long Tail Keywords + Detailed Data = Great User Experience -> Less Bounce Rate -> Good SERP -> Organic Traffic

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30. Eden Fried


Eden Fried

My content generation strategy is simple, yet effective. Step 1: I survey my audience. I figure out what they’re working on, what they’re struggling with, what roadblocks they are encountering. Then, I use that information to plan, create, and schedule all of my future content. This audience-centric approach has astronomically increased my reach, my success, and even my reputation.

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31. Helvijs Smoteks

Business Development, Market Me Good

Helvijs Smoteks

I manage several blogs for quite a few years, and this is sequence has the best short-term and long-term impact on blog’s traffic:

  1. I start by submitting the post to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ as well as send to our newsletter.
  2. Then to content directories – StumbleUponRedditGrowthhackersHackerNewsInbound.orgBizSugar,, Startafire and sometimes also Digg.
  3. After that’s done, I re-write the content into a smaller piece and republish it on – Linkedin, and Post Haven.
  4. When that’s done I create a presentation from the post and publish it on SlideshareScribdSpeaker Deck and Projeqt.
  5. As I am spending a large part of my day helping people on  QuoraYahoo AnswersWiki-how and Jelly – occasionally I submit the article as an answer to people’s questions. All this is to generate buzz and get traffic to your site as well as few backlinks.
  6. Then it’s time to pull out the big guns and do some backlink generation – the best content link building hack is to find all the similar articles on this topic. Then when you have the list – see which sites link to this content and ask if they would be interested in linking to your post as well (note: your article must be great for this hack to work).
  7. With this strategy, we usually get around 2-3 backlinks which is enough to bring our long-tail keyword post to top10 spot on Google.

Over time we optimize the post and see how the traffic grows.

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32. Cent Muruganandam

Founder, Social Media Marketo

cent muruganandamThere is so much content out there and the best part is most of it is free. To stand out from the crowd and to make an immediate impact use cleverly created multimedia content that is useful to your audience. Multimedia could be video, audio or even infographics. Content overload and shorter attention span mean you have a better chance of success using multimedia content.

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33. Uttoran Sen

Owner, GuestCrew

Uttoran SenSome of my best content in terms of getting social shares and links or even getting conversions has been content that is actionable and well presented. Ages back, somewhere around 2010, I got connected with the blogging legend – Jon Morrow, and one of those very first things that I learnt from him was content presentation.

No one likes to read long and boring paragraphs. The entire article needs to be scanable, that includes small headlines throughout the article.

The opening of any blog post matters most – the first sentence needs to make sure that the reader reads the next – and so on. When I wrote for Copyblogger, Jon himself re-wrote and edited my opening and helped me get my first post published on copyblogger.

This is something that I implement on every post that I write. The article might not be good, people can criticize me for that, but this simple strategy ensures that my articles are read everytime.

Along with that, stat-wise – my bounce rate has gone down by a lot because people don’t close the article immediately, they read a bit and get hooked.

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34. Erik Emanuelli

Blogger, NoPassiveIncome

erik emanuelliI focus on creating evergreen content.

Evergreen refers to an article that doesn’t lose value overtime. It means that your audience will find it useful today, but it will also be relevant in a few months, or years from now. With this strategy, your content won’t be losing rankings on search engines and your efforts into building high quality content will keep generating more and more readers overtime.

An example to find evergreen topics?

Type into Google the most common keywords in your niche and look at the result pages. You want to find content that has been published 3-5 years ago, but since it’s still relevant, it will be on the first page of search results. This is how you will identify evergreen content and get an idea on the topics you want to choose.

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35. Brad Hanks

Software developer, Zipbooks

Brad HanksUse a content research tool like Ahrefs to figure out what blog posts have gotten a lot of traction for blogs that cover topics similar to yours. Then write a blog post that’s more in-depth and more thoroughly fact checked.

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36. David Leonhardt

Owner, The Happy Guy Writing Services

david leonhardt

What are people talking about? That’s what interests them? That’s one way I find ideas to blog about.

Some bloggers use trends to find what interests people. I pay attention to the questions that prospects ask. I read the discussions on Quora and in FaceBook and Skype groups. I read the comments on similar blogs.

If you can put your own unique spin on the topics, you have a highly original article that you know people will want to read and to share.

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37. Jerry Low

Owner, Web Hosting Secret Revealed

Jerry Low

My team at Web Hosting Secret Revealed (WHSR) have been able to boost our site growth by merging our primary niche (blogging, web hosting, digital marketing) with trending topics (Dungeon Master, Shark Tank TV series, Startups, conferences, Pokemon, etc.) on social media.
A few benefits we see in marrying two very different topics include:
– Attracting new readers who otherwise might not have read your blog.- Benefiting from social media traffic and online chatter on the trending topic.

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38. Isaac Bullen

Director, 3WhiteHats

Isaac BullenAll too often I see awesome blog content which isn’t optimized efficiently for search engines. Just because you can write 2,000 words on a topic doesn’t mean that search engines will automatically send you a pile of traffic. Contrary to popular belief search engine optimized content doesn’t need to read robotically to rank or contain the same keyword in every other sentence either. Research your keywords and topics before you start writing, the link between relevant content and use tools to help you improve your SEO such as LSI Graph, Google Keyword Tool and Yoast for WordPress.

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39. Kayla Brissi

Business Strategist

Kayla BrissiWhen creating a content strategy for your blog, develop a core focus that’ll be your zone of genius with four pillars as themes that speak to your ideal reader’s challenges that they’re facing and are relatable to the core focus.

Additionally, choose one core pillar of content to write about as a theme for the week. Rotate the themes weekly to keep the content fresh, relevant, and interesting for your readers. Having a variety of topics to keep your readers intrigued and engaged is beneficial, and the blog will continue to have a central focus on your zone of genius.

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40. Amol Wagh

Editor in chief, Digital Conqueror

Amol WaghSolving problems is the best way to earn the trust of your blog readers and convert them into a loyal reader for your blog. The easiest way to hunt for these problems are communities like Quora or niche communities related to your topics (e.g. StackOverflow for Programmers). And to spice things up, and what I do is see trending topics of the week or month on Google Trends, and then find what issues people are facing related to those topics. This way you’re not only solving a problem, but you’re probably the first one to discuss it and make the best of viral trends.

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41. Jason Hullott

Internet marketing specialist, Speedie Consultants Limited

Jason HullottWe use SEMRush to help us look for low hanging SEO keyword opportunities. So terms we ran k on Page 2 or 3 for that have decent traffic and then we can add a page off content. We would then use tools such as Quora, and Google Alerts to find hooks (Questions or new relevant stories) we can drop into the new content to give it some relevance, freshness and help readers. We would also always try and find 2 or 3 authority sources to mentioned then share with them.

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42. John Hughes

Blogger, Design Bombs

Design BombsCrafting articles focusing around specific long-tail keywords is the best way to build evergreen content that generates high amounts of organic traffic from search engines. I also try to make each article as informative as possible by creating 2000+ words in-depth tutorials and guides that offer truly valuable content to readers.

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43. Vladimir Gendelman

Founder & CEO, Company Folders, Inc.

The best content creation strategy is to do your research. Research your audience and what questions they are asking. Find out what resources they could use to make life easier. Then, create a comprehensive, in-depth analysis that will answer those questions or provide those resources that no one else is providing. Use custom images to break up the text and highlight key points.

Be authentic and honest. Don’t fill content with self-promotion and product reviews. This will hurt your ability to build a strong relationship with your readers.

Lastly, don’t forget to proofread everything. Your credibility suffers when you use poor spelling and grammar.

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If there’s a takeaway from this roundup post, it’s that there are so many ways that you can proceed with writing your content. All it takes for you to do now is choose any of the advice shared by blogging expert so you can start developing your writing process and create better content at the same time. Also, if you think some of the advice, please share them by clicking on the “tweetable” link below their suggestions so you can share the summary of their answers on Twitter.

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  • Hi Christopher,
    Nice share.
    Some interesting content creation strategies shared here by experts.
    These strategies will surely help newbies like me.
    Thanks for sharing this roundup post.

  • Hi Christopher,

    Great write up, I love reading what other successful bloggers have to say about blogging. After all, they’ve reached the success that we’re striving for.

    I love how Ashley says that content in 2017 has to be better than everyone else’s. He also takes it further and tells you how to dress up the post with images and videos.

    I’ve actually been using these tips and I can definitely say that it helps.

    I am going to bookmark this post so I can refer back to it on a regular basis. I have no doubt that it will help me improve my writing.

    Thanks for sharing, have a great day :)


    • Thanks for the comment, Susan! Ashley’s tip should strike the nerve of all content creators. It’s no longer enough to share great ideas on your blogs. You need to go the extra mile by furnishing your post with images, tweetable quotes, social share buttons, summary in bullet points, and other tactics to help make your content stand out. More importantly, you need to SHARE you content in order for your target audience to see and read it. :)

  • Really great article, All blogging experts are mentioned here, New bloggers can get ideas about money making and also how to be successful blogger. Thanks for sharing!

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    This is really amazing post, this pioneers are sharing their valuable thoughts about content creation. These strategies are make them as a successful blogger. Thanks for sharing this article

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