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9 Great but Lesser-Known Blogs to Follow in 2016 for Marketing Insights and Inspiration

9 Great but Lesser-Known Blogs to Follow in 2016 for Marketing Insights and Inspiration

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If you are looking for any sort of information nowadays, the first place you will be looking for is the Internet. And it’s really easy to see why, because in addition to the convenience and the speed, the wealth and sheer volume of information online is more than reason enough.

However, because there is so much stuff out there, it also means there is a lot of filler and a lot of junk on any topic, so it can be a bit of challenge to sift through all of that information, especially if you are looking for something really specific.

Blogging and Content Marketing: What is the Relationship?

It is no different when it comes to digital marketing, as marketing blogs are a dime a dozen. Of course, more experienced users know where to look, but if you are just starting out, it can be difficult to find the right sort of information.

This is why we have decided to put together a list of 9 awesome marketing blogs which are sort of like the hidden gems of online marketing. We have omitted some obvious ones, such as HubSpot, and focused on those which are not as popular, but equally great. Check them out.

Best Marketing Blogs 2016

1. The Kapost Blog

Kapost is one of the best platforms that allows to control every single aspect of content creation, every step of the way, starting with brainstorming, and ending with distribution and promotion of your textual, as well as multimedia content. However, you can also find tons of useful and up-to-date information about all things about marketing if you take the time to go through the site’s blog section.

2. Right Mix Marketing

This blog is geared toward providing useful information on content marketing, blogging, SEO, and SMM. You will find plenty of articles, blog posts, and tips, whether you are an individual, or representing a company of any size. On this blog, there is a little bit of something for everyone. Also, it includes recommendations on the best courses and tools online that can help you boost your marketing efforts.

3. Social Media B2B

Social Media B2B’s goal is to inform companies about the benefits of implementing social media in marketing campaigns. It features posts and articles by multiple authors which are renowned experts in the field of content creation and digital marketing. Also, they publish guest posts from additional experts on a fairly regular basis and are always one of the first to report about new developments in the industry. This should definitely find itself in your bookmarks.

4. KeySplash Creative Blog

Whether you are striving toward developing your brand, or looking for someone to help you create content and show you all the ins and outs of marketing, KeySplash Creative is surely one of the go-to places. But even outside their premium services, they also offer plenty of free, yet practical and applicable advice on digital marketing through their blog section. Of course, if you need more than that, they also provide coaching and consulting services for marketers.

5. Authority Alchemy

Authority Alchemy is one of the best places to find information and advice on Internet marketing, because not only do they provide you with all the articles you will ever need on content marketing, but they also feature weekly podcasts which are an astounding source of data and information you can actually apply in your campaigns. If you don’t believe us, believe all those other people that made it one of the most popular marketing podcasts you can find on iTunes.

6. Anthony Hayes

Anthony Hayes offers a multitude of effective tips and tricks regarding marketing and SEO. While there are plenty of articles here on Internet marketing, we encourage you to check out his webinars, which are extremely detailed and which let you know everything there is to know about all the different marketing niches, including video marketing, YouTube SEO, as well as guidelines on how to build private blog networks. You can also find awesome SEO tools created by Anthony Hayes himself.

7. Marketing Insider Group

Created by real-world marketing experts and consultants, Marketing Insider Group is a true goldmine when it comes to marketing and raising brand awareness. Not only will you find an endless stream of articles on content marketing and marketing strategies, but you will also be able gain access to their premium materials, such as books and workshops. You can also hire the experts themselves to help you out with your marketing efforts.

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8. Target Marketing

Target Marketing blog is crammed full of best guidelines on how to monetize your marketing efforts, and that includes posts on all marketing-related practices, including marketing automation, sending out cold emails, content marketing, SEO, and social media, among other things. Also, they feature lots of very insightful posts on anything that might influence marketing itself, both directly and indirectly, such as privacy, postal reforms, introduction of new technologies, rise of mobile marketing, and so on.

9. The Social Ms

If you are looking for an online marketing resource that is always the first to publish all of the latest developments in the niche, as well as the one which provides a bunch of free advice through articles and blog posts, The Social Ms is the right place for you. They focus on providing advice related to content marketing and, of course, social media, as you can tell by their name. You may also find their courses and podcasts extremely useful as well.

Last words

Finding useful resources, especially when it comes to internet marketing, is harder than it might seem at first, but with these 9 less-known marketing blogs and some of the more popular ones, you will be able to locate anything you need. Blog posts, podcasts, e-books, as well as courses and workshops, everything at your disposal. Start taking advantage of it today!

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  • Hey, Micheal! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. Blogging and content marketing is the thing man and I like how you have laid out this article. I am always browsing around looking for marketing blogs and there is plenty of good content out there which can really help with your day to day marketing techniques.

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