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How to Be a Better Financial Blogger

How to Be a Better Financial Blogger

Money is a topic many people can talk about all day and into the night. It’s a fascinating subject with promising potential if you address it from various angles.

That’s one of the reasons it can be a lucrative blogging platform. Writers can make a profit from sharing their knowledge of the industry. But that means it can’t be a topic for just anyone. You need the experience as well as the writing skills to make a good financial blogger.

The Financial Blogging Niche

As an experienced blogger would know, the key to success in the blogosphere is identifying a profitable niche. Successful bloggers focus on the area in which they have the most experience, or at least know best, and try to build a successful blog on that.

Writers who make decent money by blogging find a niche that’s more likely to be profitable. You can’t write about things most people don’t care about and expect to make much money from the effort.

Financial blogging can be a profitable niche because it’s something most people on the planet have in common. We’re always interested in ways to make money, save, and expand our revenue streams.

Thus, financial blogging is among the most profitable niches on the web. Interest in credit cards, debt solutions, mortgages, loans, and other financial concerns will always be right up there among blog readers. There’s also significant interest in investments, business capital, and more advanced financial topics.

Although financial blogging is a naturally profitable niche, research shows that only 4 percent of bloggers see an income of $10,000 per month or more. It’s possible to bring in thousands per month, but only if you’re willing to put in the work.

Three Keys to Being a Successful Financial Blogger

The top four percent usually bring something new and different to the table. They have a thorough understanding of their trade, the money-making market, and how to stand out in the blogosphere.

If you’re interested in making a successful living at blogging, here are three essential things you’ll need to know.

1. Expand Your Financial Education

Nobody starts reading a financial blog by someone who has no more financial knowledge than the reader. People will only keep reading if you display your strong financial training and continue to expand your knowledge base.

So before you launch your blog, you’d be smart to invest in further financial education. This may take the form of online courses or night classes at a local college.

Your education should never stop, either. You have to be up to date on the latest trends and knowledge in the industry, so continue to research information and further your education as you go.

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2. Experience Financial Pitfalls and Successes Firsthand

Readers are engaged more than anything by direct experience. When you share personal stories about budgeting and saving, you’ll leave the deepest impact on your readers.

Being able to describe successful experiences in finance can be especially appealing to readers. They love to read success stories because it makes them feel they can have it too.

Blogging about mistakes can be just as gripping. Blog readers like to know you’re human and have gone through the same trials. When you make mistakes, share with your readers and explain what you learned from what you did wrong. People can learn more from mistakes than they do success.

3. Compose Blog Posts Based on What’s Trending

You’ll drive more organic search traffic if you focus on trending topics in your blog posts. For example, during the holiday season, there’s inevitably a lot of talk about credit card and consumer debt. You can use that subject to fuel a blog post that lists unique tips for avoiding excess debt or paying down credit cards.

The search volume for news and timely topics will always drive targeted readers, so you’ll increase your chance of landing among the top search results if you provide a unique angle to your blog posts on popular subjects.

Being a financial blogger will require constant education and the ability to express unusual and preferably unique perspectives. As you become more experienced in the industry, people will become more interested in reading your content.

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