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Need Inspiration? See How These 5 Blog Post Ideas can Rocket Launch Your Traffic In a Hurry!

Need Inspiration? See How These 5 Blog Post Ideas can Rocket Launch Your Traffic In a Hurry!

Need Inspiration? See How These 5 Blog Post Ideas can Rocket Launch Your Traffic In a Hurry!

A rocket launch is a sight to behold, but it won’t be possible without the many parts that seamlessly function together to push the entire weight of the rocket up in the air, past the earth’s atmosphere, leaving a cloud of smoke in its path. However, this event that only lasts seconds from start to finish takes months of intense preparation to ensure that the parts are working properly for a successful launch.

The same thing can be said of blog traffic. The concepts behind getting more visitors to your blog sound simple in principle, which is to use different online marketing tactics on top of writing great blog posts. Nonetheless, the rewards of increased readership is a thing of beauty, which is why you have to plow through the complicated and time-consuming process to get it right.

There are lots of parts involved in increasing blog traffic, all of which start with the writing of a blog post. Writing well-produced content is the foundation on which accumulating lots of visitors to your blog is based on.

To help you find inspiration for blog posts ideas, here are five to get you started.

Create evergreen content

“Evergreen content” is a term used to describe content that stays relevant over time. This type of content is of excellent quality, useful in nature (to its target audience) and is in long format, i.e. at least 2,000 words. An enduring example of evergreen content is “SEO: The Free Beginner’s Guide. While the content from this guide has been updated over time to adapt to the changes in online marketing, it has nonetheless become an authoritative guide on how to do search engine optimization and has elevated Moz as one of the top online marketing brands.

If you are interested in creating evergreen content for your blog, read “ The Complete List of Evergreen Content Ideas for Your Blog”.

Write a really compelling headline

Effective headlines can boost traffic. Why? Check out these 151 blog post ideas to blast off your blog and you’ll get a lot of practical tips. According to statistics collected by Conductor in this Moz post, 36% of its readers prefer a “numbers” headline (example: 5 Ways to…), 21% like reader addressing (example: Ways You Need to…), and 17% chose how-to headlines (example: How to Make…).

For more information on finding out which type of headline is appropriate for your blog, read “8 Winning Headline Strategies and the Psychology Behind Them”.

Write a case study

This type of blog post walks readers through a particular process to achieve a desired result. A great example is “How I Built A Top 100 Blog In 12 Months & How You Can Do It Too!” by Matthew Woodward. The author is extremely descriptive when detailing the different tactics and strategies he implemented in order to boost his blog traffic. He was even transparent enough to share sensitive data about his blog to further support his study.

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Compile people’s opinions about a topic

Go to a LinkedIn Group, Facebook Group, or Google+ Community related to the topic of the question you want to ask. Post the question and tell them that you will create a blog post with their answers in it. Wait for a couple of days until users have shared their thoughts. Compile all their opinions and publish them on the post. Once published, share the post to the same groups and communities you’ve approached.

By doing this, you not only leave the dirty work to other people who will be more than willing to share their thoughts that you can turn as content for your post, but you also ensure readership from the online communities in which you’ve posted your questions.

Interview a popular person

Find a person who you want to do a feature blog post on and contact him or her through e-mail. This person must be within your blog niche to increase your chances of getting a reply. Tell them that you want to ask the person a series of questions about what they do to provide your readers with relevant content that will help them with their own experiences related to your niche.

By interviewing a popular person, you already have a fixed audience – the fans of the person who you featured – who will read your blog and boost traffic.

How about you, what blog post ideas have you tried out that successfully increased your traffic? Share them here by commenting below!

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