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5 Call to Action Examples to Boost Blog Conversions

5 Call to Action Examples to Boost Blog Conversions

Surely, you already have signed up to different websites before.

(And just so you know, I’m not calling you Shirley!)

Have you downloaded Dropbox, PayPal, or Spotify? You might have even followed a YouTube subscriber after visiting their website.

If that’s the case, then that’s the result of a well-made call to action (CTA).

Think about this; you would be using a lot fewer apps or sites if it weren’t for CTAs. The same goes for blogs.

In fact, call-to-actions are vital for blog owners as these can boost conversions up to 42%!

So what is CTA? And how does it help me as a blogger?

A call-to-action (CTA) is the action that a blog owner wants their visitor to take. These usually lead to sales pages.

An example of this is an instruction that asks site visitors to subscribe by clicking the button. Most of the time, CTAs also suggest readers to subscribe to their newsletter for updates and new posts.

A CTA should be clear and straightforward for it to be effective. It’s all about guiding site visitors through the buying journey with the main goal of converting them to sales.

Mastering the creation of an effective call-to-action is an art in and of itself!

Call-to-action buttons are not just about the clickable CTA buttons. It’s also about the web copy and complementary elements that go along with the CTA.

The five best call to action examples you can use on your blog

To help clarify how CTA works in real-time, below are prime examples that every blogger should emulate.



Baclinko features a free course and click-through landing page. The words “free” and “exclusive” pop out from the copy.

Scrolling down the page, you will see positive reviews from satisfied clients. These help show how trustworthy Brian is in case you didn’t know yet.

There’s also a quick explanation of how SEO works and why their service is highly needed. Explaining to your audience why they should sign up helps bring them down to your conversion funnel.

Combine all these and you get a client curious enough to access their case study and eventually lead to conversion!

Brücke Flooring

While Brücke Flooring is not a blog per se, it observes the best CTA practices on a page.

It has a click-through and product detail type of landing page. Their CTA is found in the center-most part of their homepage that’s made appealing due to its interactive movement.

The CTA button moves as you hover over it. The background also shows their services in a straightforward manner.

The site also has a Free Estimate form below. It helps convince visitors to try out their services. In return, the site collects visitor information that it can use to reach back out to them..

Start Blogging Online

Start Blogging Online gets off to a hot start. It jumps right to explaining how readers can start a blog.

The homepage reads like a blog post due to its length and depth. And that’s a great day since page delivers the promise of the site’s name and URL.

What makes this an impressive call to action example because it spoon-feeds readers the complete information on how to build a blog. There’s no other resource that explains to them the step-by-step process of creating a blog. And there’s nothing that readers can do but to follow the instructions to a tee!

AC Owen Construction

AC Owen Construction has a product detail type of landing page.

Their site shows their services described in short but concise statements. They also have video testimonials of their satisfied clients. This prompts visitors to gain their trust, and in the process, click the Free Consultation CTA button below.

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There are also buttons that lead to the site’s many social media accounts that help gain the trust of the visitor.

South Tulsa Dental

South Tulsa Dental is an example of an About Us type of landing page. It introduces the company in a way that that advertises it to potential clients. It talks about experience, reliability, and why their dental service is the best.

They even have a video on their homepage that brings visitors closer to availing their service. Aside from that, the landing page also referenced their exposure on big companies like ABC 8, The Doctors, and Tulsa World Media.

The site’s CTA button states “Special $99 Cleaning and X-Ray Exam.” It’s a pretty decent offer, all things considered.

But if you click on the button, it goes to the Book Appointment page. There are also buttons on the menu and the right column after scrolling down that links to that page .


A great CTA knows no boundaries. The niche of the site doesn’t matter – there’s no reason not to replicate high-converting CTA buttons on your site!

That said, some of the examples above are not blogs. But they still provide information and value to you as bloggers on how to approach creating CTAs for your landing pages.

The call to action examples above lead to better conversions. More importantly, they help give you ideas on how to make your blog perform much better. After all, it’s all about delivering content that your audience wants.

By drawing ideas and inspiration from the ones above, your blog will surely soar to greater heights!

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