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5 Best Tools for Coming Up with the Perfect Domain Name

5 Best Tools for Coming Up with the Perfect Domain Name

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Domain names have always had an impact in the branding and SEO of online businesses. In the past, online marketers used “Exact Match Domains” or EMDs, which are domain names that are the same as a key phrase they are targeting. Although this is no longer as effective after Google’s EMD update in 2012, coming up with a domain name that’s relevant and conveys a meaningful message to your would-be visitors. Adding a keyword or two in the domain name has also shown to increase a website’s performance in ads and SERP listings.

Given that domain names cannot be changed when registered, it is essential for businesses and bloggers to plan very carefully ahead.

Why We Don’t Need More Domain Extensions

This is one of the most important decisions you should make for your site to take off. To help you determine the perfect domain name for your site, here are five of the best tools out there you should consider using.

Bust A Name

choose domain name tool

Bust A Name, while still in its beta stage, is one of the fastest and simplest tools you can find for coming up with domain names. You can concoct domain names available for purchase or registration right from the homepage. All you need to do is to enter words into the Word Combiner, and a list of available domains will automatically appear. You can edit the list of words any time – the available domains list will be updated in real-time.

You could also refine the domains list by setting the right parameters found at the bottom of the page. You could specify the top-level domains you want to use (.com, .net, .org), include a prefix/suffix, combine two or three words, and a few other options. Lastly, you could also buy the domain right away from Bust A Name, making it a one-stop shop for your domain name registration needs. To make the most out of this tool, have a list of words you can relate to your brand ready.


choose domain name tool

LeanDomainSearch is another lightweight tool for coming up with SEO-friendly domain names. However, unlike Bust A Name, LeanDomanSearch is a lot more straightforward. From the homepage, you need to insert a single word that you’d like to include in your domain name and press enter.

This tool will generate a list of all domain names available for purchase within seconds. These domain names are color-coded to indicate their availability. Green means available, pink means registered and yellow means the domain name is listed under your “Favorites.”

Since it is highly possible for a single keyword to generate thousands of results, you can sort the results using the settings at the left side (popularity, length, and alphabetical). You may also choose if you want the keyword to be at the beginning or the end of the domain name.

Name Mesh

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Although you may already have an idea of what your domain name should sound like, sometimes you just need to see excellent examples with certain “ring” to them. Name Mesh is another domain name generator that only requires you to insert relevant keywords you want to include. It works best with just two or three keywords.

While it works similarly with LeanDomainSearch, Name Mesh has slightly more options when it comes to filtering results. You can specify a maximum domain name length, turn certain TLDs on or off, hide registered domains, or specify a web host to search.

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One of the interesting features of Name Mesh is the categorization of domain names. A great place to start would be the “SEO” category where you can find highly searchable domain names. They may not be as brandable as the “Fun” category, but these domain names can give your search engine marketing a head start.

Temok Domain Registration

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Temok is not just a domain generatorit is a complete suite of tools for digital marketing from web hosting, site building, and even app development. When it comes to domain name ideas, you can perform a comprehensive domain name search using extension filters. These extensions can be generic, geographic, or community-related.

After finding the best domain name for your website, you do not have to go anywhere else to get started with site-building. One of the main characteristics of Temok is that you can also opt for their premium dedicated servers. Keep in mind that uptime, speed, and security are not only important for SEO, these factors also directly affect the user experience you can offer your visitors. While quality dedicated servers are available in other web hosting services, Temok’s pricing plans are by far the most economical.


Aside from generating domain names, you can also use Panabee for naming products, apps, or even your entire startup. Like most of the tools on this list, you can start generating names right from the homepage. You can quickly check for app names, related terms, and social media usernames that contain a keyword from your query.

The best way to use Panabee is to think of two words that describe your business. It can be any combination such as “good books”, “discount coupons”, “great photos”, “party planning”, and so on.

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