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Creative Ways Bloggers can Build an Engaging Community Around their Blogs

Creative Ways Bloggers can Build an Engaging Community Around their Blogs

What is it that makes readers want to subscribe, comment, share and read your articles or buy your product or service? What are the qualities of your site which keep them coming back for more? If you’ve never asked yourself this question then there’s no better time than now and if you haven’t received much engagement on your blog just yet then document the reasons you think that’s so and study the bloggers who’ve achieved it.

Essentially, its the blogs which consistently provide unique experiences for their readers or provide some information in a way they can’t find elsewhere or are just attached to the writing style. Building a community where readers want to engage depends significantly on the value you provide whether its through great content, awesome videos, insightful tutorials or your fun voice. However, the road to discovering the perfect mix of everything can be long and full of trials and errors. So how can you up the game a bit and increase the odds in your favor?

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Let’s discuss a few things you can try or will inspire you to do something new.

Go A Step Further – Killing it with Tutorials

There are millions of tutorial sites on the web, some useful, some confusing. Regardless of the number of tutorial site out there I don’t think its an overused concept or saturated market. There’s always a better way to deliver instructions on how to do something and if you’re an expert at what you do, you’ll have various methods of getting things done.

Evaluate your niche and study the type of content and guides that are out there. Think you can do better and offer more detailed, easy to follow instructions? Go for it! Create a special tutorial section for your website, whether its household DIY stuff or Photoshop tutorials. Provide a new spin, offer text-image based guides backed up with detailed video walkthroughs. Camtasia is an excellent program for creating on-screen video tutorials. Post them on Youtube and link the channel directly to your blog.

Spend the hours to go the few extra miles beyond what others in your niche are doing and present and sell the benefits of using your site. Ensure that users have an easy method of posting comments, asking questions and signing-up for new tutorials. This works for practically every niche, just go out there and be different and watch your community grow.

Become a Repository of Vital Information

Collate data, information and statistics in your industry that people take for granted or ignore. Look for indicators that others miss and produce tables, graphs, infographics and other useful formats for readers to consume. If you have a health and fitness blog, publish your own exercise schedule, heart rate, weight loss, cravings at different times of day, etc. and you’ll be providing information that a lot of people in that niche can relate to. Share your struggles and journey with useful highlighted data. You’d be surprised how powerful this is! When readers can relate to content that invokes a direct emotional response (like the subject of weight loss is) you’ll have eyes reading your blog.

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Create a directory and review section on your site to review products in your niche like the Eaton Blog Directory¬†which provides a quick and easy way to discover new websites and gain insight on the influence of various blogs in the blogosphere. Be unique with the data you provide and spend time backing it up with credible sources. Build your own encyclopedia. Don’t take for granted the fact that the web already has all the information we need; data is spread all across the web and much of it is unusable on its own. Bring key data points together and make something that is huge, valuable and user-friendly. You can even monetize your content when the time is right.

Be original.

The methods above are powerful ways of complimenting the regular content you’ll be posting on your blog. The value you’ll be adding to your community is truly invaluable, simply ensure you’re ready to serve the community when the traffic begins pouring in.

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